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Q+A With Meredith Sheldon - Playing Sunday Night w/Johnny Marr at St.Andrews Hall

We recently caught up with super-cool singer/songwriter/rocker Meredith Sheldon before her show with Johnny Marr tomorrow night to chat about going solo, the sea, and scary bums in Detroit. Dig it.

MCB: Ok, so first off I want to thank you for taking the time to chat.  Second, i hope the weather improves between now and Sunday because it has been utterly miserable as of late. Did you get caught up in the blizzard this past week? How is the tour going so far?
Meredith Sheldon: I certainly hope it improves! We have been fortunate enough to avoid the blizzards, though the stories I have been hearing are nothing less than harrowing. We've had a few bumps in the road dealing with tour buses breaking down and such but it has all worked out. The shows have been going really well so far and everyone is safe so I'm happy to bundle up and bear the cold!
MCB: You're playing solo on this tour, do you have a different mindset when you're performing alone on stage rather than with a band? More freedom? Less to hide behind?
MS: I've really been enjoying playing solo this tour. When you play with other people there is a harmonization of all the players' energy on stage, which is a very cool thing, but it's also very interesting and liberating to experience just my own energy up there. I used to be afraid of that because I had specific ideas of what I thought people liked and I wanted to give only that version of myself. My intention for this tour instead was to be as much my whole self as I can be without censoring or protecting myself, and practice being with the audience from a place of greater honesty. This has been proving so rewarding! Much less scary than I thought, and now I'm sort of kicking myself for spending so much time in fear of that which I always was anyway...

MCB: Do you use a different gear on stage for a solo set? 
MS: I have a much simpler guitar set up, though it wasn't terribly complicated to begin with. I love playing with distortion, but in this context it feels a bit intense. I have some nice delays and reverbs that I keep on all of the time, and I am enjoying playing through an old Deluxe. Thats it! 

MCB: I love your music ("Metal Hand" is my personal fave), it's raw and emotive with an accessible sensibility, but for the life of me I can't pin it down exactly. Where does your sound come from? What inspires you, musically or non-musically? 
MS: I suppose it's the ultimate compliment to say you can't pin it down...that would be too easy! I have had such a wide and changing range of inspiration over the years. When I was young it was all about Hendrix, Zeppelin, Billie Holiday, Puccini. Then I discovered Big Star, The Kinks, PJ Harvey..the list really goes on and on. I like the grit and electricity of the rock stuff, but particularly when melody is strongly woven into the music. I can see that has influenced my guitar playing. I also had classical singing training in my teenage years, and though I may have tried to make my voice more gritty, I think I've ended up just incorporating that aesthetic. Non-musically, I am most influenced by my environment and the people I interact with, live with, love, am irritated by... ultimately, my own internal processes as triggered by others... this is the root of all my writing. 

MCB: I think "A La Mer" would have been a better title for your EP sketches, but I trust you know what you're doing. :-) What is the significance of the title A La Mar? And are there more editions to come? Please tell me there are some new recordings in the works. 
MS: The story is... A La Mar is going to be the title of my full length record, which I hope to finish up this year. I had gotten impatient with myself and wanted to release some of my older songs, almost like cleaning house. So I began releasing the songs that had been "maybes" for the album as I decided they would not go on. I originally intended to use Alamar as a band name, but as I ended up being a solo artist, it got reassigned. It means two things: a) it is one of my favorite independent films ("Alamar"), and b) it translates as "to the sea" which I interpret as a dedication to the sea and all that represents for me. 

MCB: I know you've played here before, has Detroit been good to you? Any crazy stories? 
MS: Nothing too crazy, thank goodness! I have only played Detroit once before and my bandmate at the time had a near fight with a crazy man outside the venue and I was actually a bit afraid for our lives for a moment, but I'm holding out that this time I will get to see a friendlier side! I hear its the up and coming place, no? It has undoubtably churned out an amazing number of wonderful musicians.

MCB: Thanks again for your time, I'm really looking forward to the show! 
MS: Thank you! 
Meredith Sheldon opens for Johnny Marr at St. Andrews Hall on Sunday night. Doors at 7pm.
Grab your tickets right here.

And check out "Metal Hand" below.

TICKET GIVE AWAY for Frank Caliedo at The Royal Oak Music Theater December 11
Defeat the Label and Funny or Die bring you the 2nd annual Bullying is no Joke fund raiser.  Email for your chance to win and click below for details.



BULLYING INJOKE For information, please contact Kevin at 248-962-DTL1 (3851) or



Interview: Mini Mansions

Photo by Clay Lerner

On Wednesday, I braved freezing temperatures and unnecessary traffic from Detroit to Columbus to witness my first Mini Mansions performance. Lured in by Queens of the Stone Age bassist, Mikey Shoes aka Michael Shuman, I fell hard upon my first listen of their cover of "Heart of Glass" by Blondie. Consisting of three sharply dressed men, the ballsy harmonies in their perfect show were seemingly tighter than their pants. Tyler (keyboardist, guitarist, and vocalist), for some reason, took time out of his day to answer my questions about Mini Mansions, Alex Turner, and his current go-to album.

Motor City Blog: Where did the concept and sound of Mini Mansions come from? You don't sound like any other artists coming out of L.A. currently.

Tyler Parkwood: Well, we had this dreamy lure that we were going for but not a specific concept.  if anything, we wanted our work to be regimented by the instrumental limitations we enforced (bass, keys, cocktail kit drums).  Michael (Shuman) and I had been writing our own lo-fi material way before all this, so we did have a basic idea of the strange terrain laid out for us, but no idea how we'd navigate it at first.

MCB: Upon first hearing about Mini Mansions, roughly a year or so ago, the very first track that came up on YouTube was the cover of Blondie's "Heart of Glass", why that particular song?

TP: Michael had this sort of epiphany listening to it from his car radio, like wanting to watch a sped-up party in slow-mo. Blondie's version is like a manic disco ballad littered with hopelessness, so we simply accentuated that same melancholy from our own side of the discotheque by slowing down the mirror ball and dimming the lights a lot more.  

MCB: Let's talk about the full-length album. Doing research I did see Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys and Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys are taking part. How does a band get these two to appear on an album, even after going on a tour with Arctic Monkeys?

TY: We're all good homies with the Monkeys, so Alex was in and out of the studio bringing beers and treats and jokes and spicy conversation.  We had an open verse on this song Vertigo that we were trying to fill with a sort of hip hop English alter ego, and we thought Alex would be perfect.  He loved the tune so he went forward and wrote the words/melody and laid it down raw.  Turned out perfect.  As for Brian Wilson, that was mainly through (guitarist) Zach Dawes.  He'd been doing a lot of session work for TBone and other people and got asked to play bass on one of Brian's new songs for an upcoming record.  Zach actually had known him before through family friends, so they hit it off.  Brian ended up being really down with what we were writing and was more than happy to sing on this pseudo-dream-pop tune called "Any Emotions".  Still feels like a dream.  

MCB: After this tour with Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr, you're playing a show with The New Pornagraphers and then on quite a few dates with Royal Blood, are there any plans to include Alex Turner on the road since these dates are all in the UK?

TY: Well, Alex is a scientific enigma that no one can tame, explain or plan for, he just shows up. One can only await his next manifestation and be prepared for the effects.    

MCB: Enough about Alex Turner. Is there a date in 2015 when we should expect your debut album?

TY: The specifics have yet to be 100 percent verified, but early March is planned to be our summit.  

MCB: Is there a certain theme that runs along with "The Great Pretenders"?
TY: It came from a lyric I wrote in a song called "Ordinary Man".  We all gravitated towards it immediately.  It felt both alarmingly simple and intriguingly undefined, like the title to a Steinbeck novel never finished or a historical mythology created by other beings to exemplify the (late) human race.  It’s hard not to apply a title like that to everything, but in context with the record, it has a lot to do with this impossible union between the constant refining of personal identity and the search for truth outside of that, or the costs of choosing one over the other before we die.  

MCB: What is your go-to album currently?

TY: "Ruins" by Grouper.  Its taking me everywhere. 

MCB: What are the best and worst things about touring? 

TY: These are all new songs so it’s really gratifying to perform them every night in front of a completely new mob of strangers, I love to zone out on the road, on that 80 mph meditation tip.  Don't even mind the late-night roll-away beds, feels like sleep-away camp for adults.  I really really really miss my bunny though.  He probably doesn't even remember me by now.      

Tour rolls on without a stop in Detroit, but if a road trip out of the city is on your mind, they are more than worth the gas money. Here is their dreamy latest single, "Death is a Girl".

MCB PICK OF THE WEEK: Black Lotus Presents: Will Sessions Stout Launch Party & Live Performance - Black Lotus Brewery Clawson - Sat 11/22/14 - Beer Pours @ 8pm ; Music starts @ 9pm

If you missed last month's FUNK NIGHT with WILL SESSIONS and their rise in Detroit's underground Hip Hop parties you missed out...we danced in their comet's tail a while as the ensemble free associated their genesis and osmosis and finally libations... Put The Needle On Thee Record...

Flash forward to Saturday November 22nd 2014 (yeah tomorrow yo) when Black Lotus will present the WILL SESSIONS STOUT at the Launch Party with a Live Performance at the BLB.

Black Lotus Brewery presents Will Sessions Stout, an American oak bourbon soaked stout. Launch party and LIVE PERFORMANCE at Black Lotus Brewery in Clawson 

REVIEW Echofest V by Joe La Grassa

Sonic Bliss - Echofest V Saturday, November 15th 2014



What I think every Echofest attendee wants is to be bombarded by sonic waves of distortion, buzz, fuzz, feedback, echo, reverb, delay, tremolo and the gamut of sounds that rows of pedals and knobs can deliver. That is exactly what they got! Upon entry, as a party favor, attendees were treated to a pair of diffraction glasses that were meant to enhance the experience. The pool tables were pushed aside and covered full of  band merch with many people eagerly grabbing up what they could from a cool band they just saw. There were 2 stages, the Main stage and the Second stage.


The Line-Up included Elephant Stone, King Buffalo, Coven Party, The Witches, Heaven's Gateway Drugs, Moss Folk, Plastic Crimewave Syndicate, Rogue Satellites, Matthew Smith, Dead Leaf Echo, Siamese, and the hosts Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor. Split between two stages, the room exploded in pulsating sound and vision. With the guitars swirling and the synths droning the air became electric with shimmering and shadowy live visuals being projected behind the stages through a variety of methods by Wayne Woodward.There was really no good time to "Go get a beer" or "Take a leak", as soon as one band ended, on the opposite stage another one was plugged in and ready to go. All one had to do is simply turn around and take five steps forward to see the bands and to be staring them in the face or at their shoes more likely. Many people were quite engaged and excited in the buzz of the night. Some actually sporting the diffraction glasses or at least putting them up to their phones or cameras much like a filter and taking some pretty cool photos just like I did.


In the past, PJ's Lagerhouse has been the home of Echofest. The Loving Touch proved to be a viable venue to encapsulate the proper environment that festival requires. With opposing stages, a spot for the merch tables and of course, a good bar, patrons could easily navigate to where they wanted to be. I caught the last song that Siamese played, as I walked in. Rogue Satellites shimmered through a hypnotizing set. When they ended, I turned around and a band I'm not familiar with, Dead Leaf Echo (NY) took to the Main Stage. I was immediately enraptured by their presence and sound. Traces of early Creation Records bands like House of Love and Ride, or even Kitchens of Distinction could be heard. What was this, a time warp back to '91 or 92? I was sucker punched in the ears by an amalgam of sounds that made up my teen aged, shoe gazing years. The phrase that I repeated in my head all night was, "They are what Interpol aspires to be."  King Buffalo (NY) also took to the stage with an impressive presence and sound. Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor and Elephant Stone closed out the night. Both bands delivered sets that entranced the audience. SOYSV treated everyone to a colorful, vibrant and hypnotic space and time. Elephant Stone harkened back to some classic psychedelic bands, complete with a Sitar. Taking their name from a Stone Roses song, they certainly nod to the late 80's, early 90's shoegaze and bliss era, but they have a strong sound that encapsulates many genres.


As an excited Echofester, I certainly felt that it was executed seamlessly and that attendees were beyond pleased. It is a noteworthy annual event that I look forward to attending. I hope that it generates a support system for these amazing bands to flourish. Shine on You Crazy Diamonds…


check out more at





THIS SAT: One-Eyed Betty's FestiVALE in Ferndale

One-Eyed Betty's
Saturday, November 22, noon to midnight

If you enjoy world-class, once in a lifetime beer, great food and Americana music, then FestivALE is destined to be the party you do not want to miss -this year and every year to come.

One Eyed Betty’s Second Annual FestivALE is a 12-hour street-party in downtown Ferndale on Saturday Nov. 22 with a celebration of Michigan Breweries and Belgian Christmas Beers, cold-weather Comfort food and live Americana music.

Festivities will take place in a giant heated tent over the parking lot east of One-Eyed Betty’s, and on Troy Street. Inside the tent will be the music stage with beer-garden style seating & standing and the street will be lined with 0ver 100 Christmas trees, bonfires, heaters and street performers.

FestivALE is a holiday celebration highlighting the release of special Christmas Beers, with an equal focus on Michigan breweries with some of their special seasonal brews and flagships. The Breweries include Bell’s, Dark Horse, Short’s Brewing, Arbor Brewing, Kuhnhenn, Greenbush, Odd Side Ales & Founders.

In addition to our “Main Beer Booth” where many of the areas best seasonal beers will be pouring all day; there will be two “Very Special” beer booths that will be sure to delight with it’s rare and unusual line-up, the “Christmas Beer Booth” and “Michigan’s Best Beers Booth,” where you will be able to enjoy a very special brew from each of the participating Michigan Breweries. These limited, small kegs will be tapped on a scheduled, first-come-first-serve basis. St. Bernardus Christmas Ale and Van Eecke’s Christmas Leroy at the Christmas Booth. Founders KBS, Dark Horse Bourbon Barrel Plead the Fifth, and a few “pub-only” brews by Kuhnhenn and Shorts, just to name a few.

Food stations include “Roast Beasts” such as whole roast pig, lamb, goat, or portabella, a giant Tartiflette and One-Eyed Betty's famous fried donuts. The event features some of the area's best Folk & Americana bands such as The Ragbirds, CraneWives, Ryan Diallah & the Miracle Men, Delilah DeWylde & the Lost Boys, The Accidentals, Escaping Pavement and the acclaimed national touring band; Mountain Heart.

Inside One-Eyed Betty’s, the restaurant will transform into a “free pinball” hall with over 20 machines.

FestivALE begins at noon on November 22nd. The entrance is located on West Troy near One-Eyed Betty’s. Live music act ends at 11pm and the street party ends at midnight. Tickets are $30 in advance or $35 at the door. Tickets include entrance, a commemorative cup and 3 drink/food tokens. Minors are welcome only in the company of a parent or legal guardian. The party goes on in the event of Rain, Show or Shine.

TOMORROW NIGHT! SomeKindaWonderful with New Politics and Bad Suns at Saint Andrews Hall Detroit

The show to be at this weekend takes place at Saint Andrews Hall tomorrow night 
(Saturday) with the high energy stage show of New Politics, SomeKindaWonderful and Bad Suns. All three of these young bands have had a massive breakout year. 

Cleveland's, SomeKindaWonderful released their self-titled debut album in June which debuted at number 8 on the iTunes Alternative Albums chart. Their single "Reverse" made noise on alternative radio, hitting the top 20 of the charts. The band blends soulful rock music with a bit of hiphop and a touch of nostalgic classic rock. Lead singer, Jordy Towers says, “We’re a spectacle, like a circus; it’s just real entertainment”, of the bands live show. On September 24, SomeKindaWonderful released their inspired take on 2pac and Dr. Dre's "California Love". Their music has received the remixed treatment by Passion Pit, Oliver Nelson and Vanic. Even more impressive, prolific music video director, Marc Klasfeld, directed their music video for "Reverse". After a few listens to their debut album, it's easy to see how these guys are getting buzz from almost every media outlet in existence. 


Denmark's, New Politics make their third stop in Detroit this year in support of their 2013 effort A Bad Girl in Harlem and their upcoming February 2015 release, Vikings. Their single "Harlem" was one of 2013's biggest alternative radio hits and follow up "Tonight You're Perfect" made headway on to the adult pop charts. They recently previewed their new album with the single, "Everywhere I Go (Kings and Queens)" which is rocketing up the radio charts. They've served as opening acts for Pink, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Jane's Addiction and Alice In Chains. Lead singer, David Boyd, is known for breaking it down while in concert, dancing into the audience with high energy fanfare. 2015 is going to bring huge things for this band with the release of their sophomore set. 
"Everywhere I Go (Kings and Queens)"

California's Bad Suns have hit the big time with their debut album, Language and Perspective. Singles, "Cardiac Arrest" and "Salt" have picked up support from America's leading alternative rock stations and they've spent 2014 touring across the nation. Their music draws comparisons to The Cure and other New Wave bands of the 1980's. Their just released video for "Salt" depicts an individuals internal battle with gender identity. Expect to see these guys back on their own tour soon. 


SomeKindaWonderful with New Politics and Bad Suns
Saturday, November 22            7pm
 Saint Andrews Hall          Detroit


Thadeus Gonzalez at Viper Room 10-30-2014

Kelli in LA here, and I've got something to share with you Detroit folks. It's called Thadeus Gonzalez.

What's a Thadeus Gonzalez? It and he is a powerful group of dudes from Oakland, CA who know how to rock the fuck out. Fronted by the band's namesake, Tad dishes out vocals so fierce, you ask yourself, "Where the hell have you BEEN all my life?!" For souls aching for that perfect grinding, high-octane rock n roll (Detroit, you know what I'm talking about), ache no more. For those wary of newcomers and snobby about their rock n roll tastes, you can actually let your walls down...because if you don't, soon Thadeus Gonzalez is going to knock 'em down!

 More photos here.

Last month in Los Angeles, they performed at the world famous Viper Room on the Sunset Strip and did not disappoint. Their musical energy and presence is just as in-your-face as Tad himself is as he belts out their tunes. It feels somewhere in between being at a Motley Crue concert and crowd-surfing at a Motorhead show.

More photos here.

With most of the members having played in Electric Sister, no doubt that same energy and chemistry is still there. And ladies, they still sound like you wanna let them in your pants.

Don't thank me, just go listen. You're welcome.



HH 1

The Detroit rock scene is alive and kicking. The next generation of musicians are inspired by their predecessors. The Ritz is showcasing a group of these bands, youthful bands playing music with the fury of old rock shows.

HH 1

HazardHead and Trace of Lime have a history, starting around the same time, they've played numerous shows together, supported each other, and matured into well seasoned musicians. In true Detroit attitude, they are using their success to help each other and other bands to share their success.

Trace of Lime

HazardHead and Trace of Lime have a good following and they are using that to help even younger guns. Despite their youthful years Royale and Phoenix Rising are worthy to share the stage with their "elders."

Having a chance to check out Phoenix Rising's music, they play with passion soulfulness beyond their years. This 4 piece is rising. Their unnamed new song impressed me.

Phoenix Rising 1

Royale is a bit of an enigma. There isn't too much info on them, just music on Bandcamp. But music is enough. It's catchy, jangly, and will get you moving.


Tonight's show will include a few fun surprises. If you want to know they are, you'll have to make it out to the Ritz tonight. And with the line-up, it promises to be a rocking night.

& Trace of Lime
@ The Ritz
24300 Hoover Rd.

Doors @ 6:00
Jordan Mosher
Rolling Blue
Phoenix Rising
Minus Two

$10.00 Pre-Sale
$12.00 Day of Show
All Ages w/Parent 
Facebook Event





Show Preview: Thanksgiving Is Still Murder Wed. Nov. 26 The Magic Bag

There’s a killer show coming next week on the busiest bar night of the year, Thanksgiving is Still Murder at the Magic Bag. Headlining the show, The Smiths United will play their Smiths and Morrissey songs that they have rehearsed and played so much they may as well claim them as their own. While they will play all the crowd favorites like “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” and “This Charming Man” they always throw in a few surprises. Hopefully the night will include their gripping version of “November Spawned A Monster.” I think with Re-cure this is the first time we get a Cure tribute experience. I have never seen the Cure play live so I am looking forward to them getting “Close to Me.” I was never a big Siouxsie and the Banshees fan until I saw Playground Twist play and they made me realize just how many great songs S&B put out. They stick to the darker sides of Siouxsie with the lead singer channeling Siouxie Sioux in both voice and fashion. In between sets Mikel O.D. (that’s me) will be DJing old and new dance tracks that I promise will provide smiles and some shuffling of the feet. Sure there’s a million other things going the same night but this show is a guaranteed good night out.

NEXT FRIDAY: Sharon Needles @ Andiamo Warren

My favorite Drag Race winner and yours
wsg Detox and Darienne Lake
and local luvs Deangela and Deja
Friday, 28 November 2014 @ 9pm

For VIP meet and greet reserved seats, call 248-268-2840


Detroit-Berlin Connection : Public Workshop 11/29

WIN TICKETS! Little Big Town at Detroit's Masonic Temple on Dec 4, 2014

Little Big Town roll into Detroit on Thursday, December 4 with openers Brett Eldredge and Brothers Osborne at The Masonic Temple. They released their sixth studio "Pain Killer" album last month and are continuing with a round of dates in support of the album. The band were inducted into the Grand Ole Opry last month by Vince Gill and were invited to join by Reba Mcintire. They were also recently joined by popstar, Ariana Grande, at the CMA Awards to perform "Day Drinking" and Grande's "Bang Bang". 

"Day Drinking"

Email and tell us something that is both little and big at the same time (no perverts!) for your shot at a pair of tickets to check out Little Big Town at the Masonic Temple on December 4, 2014

SHOW REVIEW: St. Lucia wsg Vacationer at The Crofoot Ballroom on November 12, 2014

In the almost two years since St. Lucia made their first stop in Detroit their status has elevated immensely. The New York tropictronic(tropical + electronic) outfit headlined the same room in which they served as an opening act for Two Door Cinema Club one year prior. St. Lucia were back, more polished, more flashy and ready to embrace their newfound stardom. St. Lucia played Pontiac's The Crofoot Ballroom on Wednesday night with Philadelphia's Vacationer serving as opening act. The last time that they played the Crofoot Ballroom they had just released their debut album, When The Night, and were still learning how to adapt their album to the stage.  This time, it is tough to not believe in their potential to perform on a much larger stage relatively soon. Their songs are big and melodic with enough rock and pop appeal to enrapture radio with their future offerings. Lead singer, Jean-Philip Grobler, has honed his performance skills with years of experience as a child in South Africa's Drakensberg Boys Choir. His unique vocals are flawless and each member of the band proves to be entertaining and intriguing. Grobler announced that this was the bands last tour before heading back to the studio to go record their sophomore album.

This show was noticeably more polished as the band looked much more comfortable performing on stage together. Front man, Grobler, was able to show off his stage commanding showmanship with ease. They were also working with an upgraded arena-ready light show and new enhanced staging. Percussion is a key element for St. Lucia, two of the five band members play percussion, though on “Wait For Love” four fifths of the band were playing percussion. Another key change to their staging was that the percussionists were now on an elevated platform behind the band. Their set contained favorites such as the Alt-Nation hit “Elevate”, the melodic “Closer Than This”, the dance infused “September” and closer “When The Night.” St. Lucia have made it to Detroit 5 times in the past 2 years opening for the likes of Ellie Goulding, Foster The People and Two Door Cinema Club, and if all goes right, as it seems it is, they'll continue on to headline much larger venues. Let me just say this, this was my fifth time seeing St. Lucia and every single time has been much more impressive than the last.

Philadelphia's Vacationer opened the evening with a short, but spirited set of their brand of island friendly rock music. They played much of their 2014 release, Relief. The biggest response during their set was during alternative radio mainstay, “The Wild Life”, and the chilled out “Everybody Knows”. Lead singer, Kenny Vasoli, is particularly animated and interactive with the audience. Their set on Wednesday evening went back and forth between chill music and party music. Vacationer fans seemed to be out in full force, as many of them packed in early in the evening to get a good viewing spot for this up-and-coming band.

Ann Arbor Art Center + American Institute of Architects, Huron Valley Chapter Present: 50 Years, Significant Buildings

a celebration of local architecture and design

Friday, Nov 21st, 2014 - Sunday, Dec 7th, 2014

The AIA Huron Valley Chapter: 50+50+50 is a celebration of the “50 years” of the Huron Valley Chapter of the American Institute of Architects that will feature “50 significant buildings” in Ann Arbor and surrounding areas, as well as a demo of “Field Trip”, an app that alerts people that they are in the proximity of one of the structures featured in this app, giving facts and architectural information about it. This exhibit will also feature “50 Ideas for the Future,” showcasing community-inspired designs for the future gathered by AIA members from open public involvement.
Come see how local architects facilitated giving shape and form to the public's ideas in our town!
Opening Reception: Friday, November 21, 6:00-8:00pm 


INTERVIEW -The Record Company- Fox Theatre Friday 11/21/14

                                          Picture by Ken Hughes
L.A. trio, The Record Company, is now on tour with The Brian Setzer Orchestra and will perform this Friday at The Fox Theatre. .  In recent years, L.A. has come up with its own rock sound.  The distinction between a band from Nashville or New York or L.A. is pretty apparent, but luckily The Record Company does not fit the L.A. rock profile.  I had the lovely opportunity to pick the brain of the multi-talented musician Chris Vos, in his modern blues-soul rock band. Vos, who moved to L.A. with his wife, met Alex Stiff and Marc Carzola, and eventually started The Record Company.  Vos says, "I've always had a passion for rock and roll, blues, and gospel, always have, even when I was a kid.  My Ma was all about Motown and my Dad was all about rock and roll." Those two sounds merged and all parties agreed that this is the music they needed to make. "None of us were born or raised in California.  We didn't have any intentions."

The Record Company has toured with BB King, and currently The Brian Setzer Orchestra, but this accomplished group "played our first show on New Year's Eve 2012.  It hasn't been long at all.  We sat and curated our sound. We sat and knew what we wanted to sound like", says Vos. "We wanted to keep it raw."

Researching this band, there was mention of their live show, but no detail presented insight into what one should expect if anything. Vos responded with, "We throw ourselves into the music.  It's not because we light ourselves on fire.  There will be no pyro at a Record Company show. You can only give your best effort and not waste the audiences time.  Your audience deserves it."

Before stepping onto stage and giving every ounce of his being to the audience, with his bandmates and friends by his side,Vos recites his mantra: "It's not one more time on stage, it's one more less."

After the death of MCA of Beastie Boys, The Record Company paid tribute in the best way they knew how.  Taking one of my favorite songs "So What'cha Want" and making it entirely unrecognizable was by far the best way to pay their respects. I, like most of you was skeptical , and presented those thoughts to Vos, but listen and watch The Record Company perform this classic below:

The passion was evident and echoed in Vos' deep voice, even saying, "Musicians work their butts off. There's no 'sex, drugs, and rock & roll'.  I don't give two fucks about that crap", which in turn reignited desire and excitement to not only experience a live performance by The Record Company, but also for Detroit to enjoy a band rooted in soul and the blues without any gimmicks or pyro. "Playing The Fox on this tour, for me personally, I can't believe to tell you how fired up I am, and we're thankful."

Live Review: Peter Hook & the Light

A little over a year ago Peter Hook, the revered bassist from New Order, put together a live band and treated fans to early New Order material. While there may have been some concern on how he could pull this off without key members from New Order, Hook and his band surpassed expectations with their own raw and rousing renditions that left the crowd exhilarated. When it was announced Peter Hook and the Light were touring again, this time to perform two of New Order’s finest albums, “Low Life” and “Brotherhood,” expectations were re-calibrated and tickets for the show went fast.

In front of a sold out crowd at the Magic Bag, Peter opened the show with some Joy Division, this time selecting some of the older, more obscure songs. Then the band went into the New Order material with a couple unexpected tracks, including “Thieve Like Us,” which was nice to hear since it’s one of my favorites. Moving into “Brotherhood,” actually released after “Low Life,” Peter and his band breathed new life into the tracks and again brought a raw authenticity to them. The obvious difference with a Peter Hook show is the absence of Bernard’s vocals but I think Hook has an adequate vocal and his guitarist very effectively adds his vocal to compensate. With the amazing bass playing from both Peter Hook and his son, Jack, combined with euphoric interplay of the entire band it’s easy to overlook and differences and focus on the brilliance of the performance.

That brilliance was put into full effect when the band move into the “Low Life” album and did an absolutely stunning version of “The Perfect Kiss.” I always thought about these New Order songs as complicated studio productions but Hook and his band manage to re-work them into effective live tracks with dazzling instrument breaks and go-for-it-all endings. For “Elegia” the instrumental track, Peter took a seat and his bass became the centerpiece of the song which washed over the audience with intensity and beauty. The set ended with lively versions of “Subculture” and Face Up.” The encore included the up to this point conspicuously absent, “True Faith,” everybody’s favorite New Order song, “Temptation,” and no New Order set would be complete without “Blue Monday” as the closer. By the end of the show, Peter Hook and the Light had played for over 2 ½ hours with the crowd enjoying every minute of it.

Review and Pics by Mikel O.D. of MPAD Media

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Tesco Vee from The Meatmen and Touch and Go Zine infamy is holding a Swap Meat on Saturday, November 22.

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PHOTOS: Renegades of Rhythm Tour at the Majestic Theatre

Spinning All The Perfect Beats
With over 40,000 records to choose from, DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist narrowed down a 90-minute lesson on Afrika Bambaataa’s legacy.  They told the story using records pulled from Bambaataa's massive hip-hop pioneering collection, underlining his cultural influence from beginning to end.  A slide show of graffiti, taped up vinyl labels and record covers visibly worn from their play starting in the Bronx, or perhaps on rounds with the Universal Zulu Nation, backed the musical journey.  

Shadow and Chemist, with 6 turntables at their hands, communicated Bambaataa’s knowledge as a DJ and turntablist and emphasized his selection variety and the crowd connection. The audience proceeded through cleverly pieced together tracks, samples and breaks.  An homage to Trans-Europe Express, (see “Planet Rock”), a seamless section for the b-boys and Yes, Owner of a Lonely Heart, happened.     

Steve Dronez and DJ Form set the tone with warm up sets for the show.  The crowd was as diverse as the playlist, aged from OG – Prince Whipper Whip was in the house – to future OG, amongst heads, b-girls, families and a few of Detroit’s Masters of Records.  Detroit pulled the energy all together and everyone that came got a perfectly executed history lesson.  

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