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WIN DALLY in the ALLEY Posters! Get down to Detroit's old school end of summer festival this Saturday 9/6/14 11am - 11pm

MCB has managed to swindle a handful of this year's poster for Dally in the Alley produced by one of our local favs Ron Zakrin.  If you would like to enter to win simply head on over to the MOTORCITYBLOG facebook page and leave a comment telling us what year you first attended Dally.

DitA is a do-not-miss event for us here at MCB and we tend to schedule visits for friends from out of town so they can experience the festival and in our opinion really get a feel of what Detroit is all about.

Although the food is great and the art even better our real stance with Dally is the music and this year the lineup looks to be a real winner.  Editor picks = Sheefy McFly, Lac La Belle, Moon Lake (Best new band of 2014), CARJACK, My Pal Val, TART, Spaceband (these guys kick ass) , Odd Hours, PALACES and SECRETS.

12:30 - case managerz
1:30 - Behind The Times
2:30 - Ancient Language
3:30 - Erno The Inferno presents Lisa Stocking
4:30 - Sheefy McFly
5:30 - Lac La Belle
6:30 - Radio Burns
7:30 - Gabriel Brass Band
8:30 - Bill Grogan's Goat
9:30 - Passalacqua
10:30 - Brinae Ali

Noon - The Solar System
1:00 - GOSH PITH
2:00 - The Vonneguts
3:00 - Moon Lake
4:00 - Carjack.
5:00 - Growwing Pains
6:00 - the anonymous
7:00 - My Pal Val
8:00 - Jimmy Ohio & The Ultimate Lovers
9:00 - Deadly Viper Assassination Squad
10:00 - Prude Boys

12:15 - Dear Darkness
1:15 - Trophies
2:15 - Real Ghosts
3:15 - The Webbs
4:15 - TART
5:15 - Spaceband
6:15 - Odd Hours
7:15 - Double Winter
8:15 - DUANE the brand new dog
9:15 - PALACES
10:15 - Pink Lightning

Noon - .kite
12:45 - Sherburt
1:45 - Andre Royster 
2:45 - Detroit Edison 
3:30 - OktoRed
4:15 - Jace 
5:15 - MeansandEnds 
6:00 - SECRETS
6:45 - Midnight Jackers
7:45 - Dru Ruiz
8:45 - K-HAND


Annual Detroit Festival Features Food, Music, Art, and Vendors
 on Saturday, September 6, 2014


Detroit - The Dally in the Alley festival celebrates its 37th anniversary Saturday, September 6, 2014. Held in Detroit’s storied Cass Corridor, the annual event attracts thousands of attendees to the live music, DJs, art, vendors, food, reunions with old friends, and the making new friends, too. The festival-goers, a colorful and diverse cross-section of Detroiters, experience a unique party that has become one of the most-loved festivals in Detroit.


Since it began as an inner city art fair in 1977, the Dally has evolved into a culturally significant affair. In 1982, the fair moved a few blocks to the alley between Forest Avenue & Hancock, Third and Second and evolved into a performing arts festival. While in recent years the celebration has expanded in both size and attendance, the Dally in the Alley remains a one-day festival that is not to be missed. Four music stages, a community stage, kids fair, art installations, more than 150 local food and retail vendors provide attendees with activities and entertainment all day long.


The festival, a fundraiser for the North Cass Community Union, prides itself in staying true to its core mission of celebrating the area that it takes place in. In 2013 in a poll among MetroMix readers, Dally in the Alley was awarded with the honor of “Best Festival in Detroit”. In 2014 the festival was named “Best Summer Festival in Detroit” by Metro Times staff.


Dally Chair Adriel Thornton says “This year’s Dally is expected to be the most well-attended yet. Our team is excited about all of the vendors, the great entertainment and all of the amazing people that come to Dally.”

This year's event features several key elements that make it better than ever, including:


     Dally In The Alley Installation Project: Continuing the tradition of showcasing cutting edge art, Dally Art Director Andy Durkas has put together an exciting presentation featuring art installations by local artists, including sculpture artist Thomas Pyrzewski. Pyrzewski will be doing a special live build amidst festivalgoers throughout the day. Installations also include community-curated art and will be in various locations throughout the festival.


     More local goods than ever before: We’re excited to announce the growing interest from local businesses to bring a wide variety of goods to showcase at Dally in the Alley. Vendors include: Common Threads Clothing, Human Detroit, Slows BBQ, Jacques Tacos, Respect Detroit apparel, among many others. There will be over 160 vendors will be in attendance in 2014, a new record for the festival.


     Ann Kennedy Community Stage & Fashion Show: Dedicated to long-time supporters Ann Kennedy and Dylan Bailey, Dally in the Alley’s fifth stage is an eclectic interactive performance space that pays homage to Dally's community roots. It will feature soapbox forums, performances, contests and other activities. A fashion show is also planned for 7pm at the Ann Kennedy community stage; the show will feature runway models and clothing from local retailers that can be found for sale around the festival. For the first time ever Dally and Pop-Up Yoga Detroit will also be hosting Yoga and Crossfit workouts throughout the afternoon.


     Continued Focus on Environmental Impact: The North Cass Community Union is working with Recycle Here to make the Dally in the Alley the greenest festival in Detroit. By requiring all food and drink to be served in compostable wares and staffing volunteers to ensure the right waste gets into the right can, Dally has reduced the amount of garbage by over 60 yards. This year, Dally will bring in over 150 new trash receptacles to be placed inside the alleyway to keep the Corridor Cass clean and kept up.


     Poster Artist: Ron Zakrin. This year’s poster art comes from redounded Detroit artist, Ron Zakrin. Ron Zakrin has been an ever-present creative force in Detroit since the mid nineties, when he emerged on to the underground electronic music set with paintings that provided a visual counterpart to the Detroit sound that was taking the world by storm. Zakrin lives in Detroit Michigan, where he was born and works daily.


Dally in the Alley takes place in Detroit's North Cass neighborhood, between Forest and Hancock, Second and Third on Saturday, September 6, 2014 (rain date is Sunday, September 7, 2014). The event runs from 11AM to 11PM.

Please visit for map, music lineup and additional information.



Midge Ure - Retro Futura Tour 2014 at the Greek Theater

You know deep down somewhere in your soul you have a love, or at least an appreciation for 80's New Wave. Don't try to deny it. Whether you lived through it, were told about it, or had a "phase", you know you like it. It's not disco, so it's not embarrassing to admit. If you enjoy bell bottoms and doing "the hustle" then some of us might laugh at you. Sorry Mom. Anyways, here's a bunch who made that music who've still got it. The Retro Futura Tour 2014 featuring Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey, Howard Jones, Ultravox’s Midge Ure, China Crisis and Katrina of Katrina and the Waves. If you're not fluent in New Wave, I'll quickly walk you through this and introduce who's who. Keep reading...

You've heard these songs at least once, if not, then several hundred times. It's apart of our culture. Katrina of Katrina and the Waves opened the show. The Waves are known for the hit, "Walking on Sunshine." You can't help but wiggle your fanny and conquer the day while this song is playing. You just can't. China Crisis was the second opener and they topped the UK charts in 1983 with "Wishful Thinking". Midge Ure was in Ultravox! and their hit was "Dancing With Tears in my Eyes". Howard Jones' first hit was "New Song". Thompson Twins are known for their unmistakable hit, "Hold Me Now". 

As the third opener, Midge Ure rocked right through his set, and I wish it were longer. "Hymn" was completely amazing! It was hard to shoot and try to watch at the same time. I could have taken another hour of his set, easily. Die hard New Wave fans, mostly the middle agers, were out of their seats, dancing with their friends and family. The lights and lasers during Howard Jones and Tom Bailey were cool and all, but Midge rocked it. 



Folk Blues Night
Saturday, August 30th
Lo & Behold! Records & Books
10022 Jos Campau, Hamtramck, Michigan 48212

Labor Day weekend is upon us and with it comes our ol' party — FOLK BLUES NIGHT. Most of you know the routine, others who are unaware we start around 8pm with live performances and those run til about Midnight whereupon we commence to clear the floor and dance into the night to the sound of all 78rpm early rock rhythm and jump rekkids.

Our live segment in no particular order this weekend will include: Rollie Tussing, David Morrison, Joey Mazzola, Benjamin Teague, Danny Kroha (official), Ben Luttermoser, Todd Albright, Rachel Pearson, Connor Dodson, and Michael Hurtt's Haunted Hearts

As well, for release we'll have cassettes of FBN 007 & 008 available for the first time!

Hamtramck Labor Day Festival 2014

Music Schedule (MCB Favorites in Bold)

Saturday, August 30th

Sterling/Franklin Stage(South) McClure's Stage (North)
2:00 The Kielbasa Kings 1:00Big Daddy Lackowski
4:00 Del Brutto 3:30 The Bill Bondsmen
5:00 Eastside Elvis and the Motor City Mafia 4:30 
The Secrets

6:00 Eric Villa and the Vista Marias 5:30 Intergalactic Bounty Hunters
7:00 The Polish Muslims 6:30 Olympus Mons
8:00 The Polish Muslims 7:30 The Witches
9:00The Polish Muslims 8:30 The Octopus

Sunday, August 31st

Sterling/Franklin Stage(South) McClure's Stage (North)
2:00 The Codgers 1:00 DJ Richie Wohlfiel
3:00 The Codgers
 2:00 The Motor City Troubadours
4:00 The 
Webbs 3:30 The Potions
5:00 Mike Hurtt & the Haunted Hearts 4:30Jimmy Ohio & The Ultimate Lovers
Dennis Coffey 5:30 The Volebeats
7:00 Dennis Coffey 6:30Obnox
8:00 Melvin Davis 7:30 Radio Burns
9:00 Melvin Davis 8:30 Break

Monday, September 1st

Sterling/Franklin Stage(South) McClure's Stage (North)
2:00 Parade 1:00 Parade
2:30 The Misty Blues Orchestra 3:30 Ara Topouzian
4:00 B-Free 4:30
Awesome Jarvis and the Whales
5:00Breezee-One 5:30 Cosmic Light Shapes
6:00 Tunde Olaniran 6:30 Bad Indians
7:00Blaire Alise and the Bombshells 7:30 Mexican Knives
8:00 George Morris and the Gypsy Chorus 8:30 Iron Stag


BEYOND THE WEEKEND: Free Tickets - The Picturebooks - The Shelter Detroit - September 12th

With school about to kick in and only a hint if summer left in the tank we plan to exploit our holiday weekend starting tonight but not without thinking ahead to an upcoming show down the dusty road
Check out a new band called The Picturebooks,
who play a show on Sept. 12 over @ Shelter Detroit
 The blues-rock duo are coming over for Riot Fest on a mini-tour which includes this Detroit showing. The pair, Fynn & Philipp, are already well known custom motorcycle builders and featured regularly in underground chopper mags like Dice and Kustom.
Noisey recently debuted the band’s video for Your Kisses Burn Like Fire and said it makes you want to buy a motorcycle and disappear into the desert.
email for your chance to win a pair


Ticket Giveaway & Show Preview: Queensryche, Great White, Dio Disciples and Bang Tango at Pinke Knob (aka DTE Energy Music Theatre) Aug 28, 2014

Get ready to kick off the holiday weekend with a killer line up of rock and metal! Queensryche returns to DTE Energy Music Theatre Thursday Aug 28th with Great White, Dio Disciples and Bang Tango. $20 pavilion tickets are still on sale, and only $10 for the lawn.


MCB Ticket Giveaway- The New Pornographers

email for-
Saturday September 6th at The Majestic Theatre

New Pornographers
featuring A.C. Newman and Dan Bejar (of Destroyer)
Perfect Pussy
Pity Sex

GET TICKETS NOW: Sneak Peek/Fundraiser - Heaven Adores You (The Elliott Smith Documentary) Friday 10/3/14

Sneak Peek/Fundraiser
(The Elliott Smith Documentary)
Friday, October 3 – Doors 8 pm – Film 9 pm - $7
Heaven Adores You is an intimate, meditative inquiry into the life and music of Elliott Smith. In this documentary portrait, we journey through the life of American singer and songwriter Steven Paul “Elliott” Smith, a musician whose rise to prominence in the 1990s and early 2000s was cut short by his untimely death at the age of 34 in 2003.
The film opens in 1998 — a year in which Elliott receives an Oscar nomination for his song “Miss Misery” for the Gus Van Sant film “Good Will Hunting,” and his album “XO” receives mainstream airplay — an interviewer from Dutch TV inquires about his recent declaration that he’d never be a rock star. Elliott thoughtfully replies, “I’m the wrong kind of person to be really big and famous…”
What kind of person was Elliott Smith? Since his death in 2003, many media-makers have attempted to tell the story of his creative “sad-sack” genius, often through the lens of struggle, heartache and addiction. Director Nickolas Rossi employs a different lens, placing music center-stage, creating a framework for Elliott to narrate the story of his life himself, through the filter of recorded conversations and interviews, with support from friends along the way. With great care, Rossi expertly weaves together 30+ interviews to create an intimate and personal history like never seen before.
Beginning in Portland, we’re treated to Rossi’s stunning cinematography with a gorgeous aerial view of the lush landscape. Photographer and friend Autumn de Wilde and official archivist Larry Crane discuss how the Oscar nomination affected Elliott, with Autumn noting, “I wanted more people to hear his music … but it changed a lot of things for him.”
The film moves to a somber day — Elliott’s death on October 21, 2003 — and we see shots of the Elliott Smith Memorial Wall in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA. Music video director Ross Harris discusses his reaction to the news of his friend and collaborator’s death.
Rewind. The year is 1997 and Elliott is in Santa Monica, CA being interviewed by KCRW’s Chris Douridas. Douridas inquires about Elliott’s childhood and is surprised to discover he grew up in Dallas. Smith’s sister Ashley Welch discusses her experiences with Smith when they were children, set against a montage of photographs from their childhoods. Smith’s childhood friend Steve Pickering also shares stories from their school days.
We meet Tony Lash, friend and bandmate, who discusses meeting Elliott at Lincoln High School in downtown Portland. It’s here, in high school, that Lash and Smith began collaborating in music. Post-university, Lash and Smith form the band Heatmiser which becomes a major part of the Portland music scene in the 1990s. Musicians Pete Krebs, Sean Croghan, and others involved with the Portland scene at the time, discuss the era and the subsequent discovery of Smith’s solo work, which was quietly recorded on a 4-track and would become the basis for “Roman Candle.” Slim Moon, from the record label Kill Rock Stars, and Margaret Mittleman, soon to be Smith’s manager, discuss seeing him perform solo, especially significant given the period, which favored loud and often-times political rock; acoustic sets were considered “nerdy” and “uncool.”
We move into 1995 and Ross Harris discusses his experience directing Elliott in the video, “Coming Up Roses,” a single from Elliott’s second self-titled release. It’s a busy period for Smith as he balances duties with his band Heatmiser and his emerging success as a solo artist. Lash and recording engineer Rob Schnapf discuss tensions that surfaced with Heatmiser members as they recorded what would ultimately be their last album together, “Mic City Sons.” Of Smith’s solo career at the time, Sean Croghan notes, it went to “big all of a sudden.”
1997 sees the release of Smith’s third album “either/or” and James Clark, a guitar tech who would work on a future tour, remarks, “if you didn’t know you were standing next to genius, then you just aren’t paying attention.” Larry Crane and Elliott open Jackpot! Recording Studio and we see images of the two of them painting and setting up the space. Crane and Elliott’s former girlfriend Joanna Bolme and collaborator discuss the era.
Elliott moves to Brooklyn, NY. Friends such as Autumn de Wilde discuss having him in New York and the impact it had on them. Elliott’s fourth album is released in 1998, “XO.” Jon Brion and Larry Crane discuss the song “Waltz #1” with Brion noting, “there were a couple of times he full-on freaked me out as a musician.” Friend and publicist Dorien Garry suggests that he was not well during this period, drinking heavily and calling in the middle of the night. Friends discuss their “intervention.” We re-visit Elliott’s Oscar nomination for “Miss Misery.” Bolme, Crane and Smith himself talk about the nomination and subsequent ceremony.
Next we go on the XO tour with Elliott and his crew and are treated to several stories and anecdotes that paint a picture of an Elliott Smith who’s funny and silly – not a common understanding of the man. Elliott moves to Los Angeles post-tour.
Jon Brion, Largo club-owner Mark Flanagan and Elliott’s manager Margaret Mittleman discuss the era candidly and describe it as a “golden period.” His fifth release, “Figure 8” comes out and the world is introduced to the now-infamous Elliott Smith wall at Solutions! in the Silver Lake area of the city by “Son of Sam” video director, Autumn de Wilde. Mittleman, Brion, Flanagan, Garry, Lash and others discuss their experiences with Elliott’s substance abuse and attempted recovery in the time leading up to his death from two stab-wounds to the chest.
The posthumous release, “From a Basement on the Hill,” Elliott’s sixth album completed by Joanna Bolme and Rob Schnapf after his death, is discussed. The documentary wraps with footage from “No Name #1” – a series of benefit shows that took place over four cities in 2013 and was put together by Elliott’s sister Ashley Welsh. The track “Happiness” is featured, sung by both musicians on-stage, and folks in the crowd – it’s a magical moment for all involved.
At the conclusion of Heaven Adores You, we have a rich view of an incredible and accomplished talent, a view that places music at the center of Elliott Smith’s legacy.

Elliott said it best himself, “the less I think about it, the happier I am. I don’t really care where I fit into anything, or if there’s anything to fit into to. It’s just, I like music, you know? That’s the thing. It’s really uncomplicated.”
The Magic Bag is proud to present a sneak peek/fundraising screening of Heaven Adores You on Friday, October 3.
Magic Bag Publicity
22920 Woodward Ave.
Ferndale, MI 48220
Event Hotline: 248-544-3030

NEXT MONTH: "Lines", An All Media Exhibit at Northville Art House - September 5-27, 2014


"Lines" An All-Media, Juried Exhibition

September  5-27, 2014


What's  Your "Line"? This was the question posed to artists who entered the September 2104 juried, all-media exhibit.  Is it a smear of paint from one dot to another? A quick note penned on a card? A group of people standing in a row? The words that start a lifelong conversation?


With no specific definition in mind, the Northville Art House is excited to present the personal interpretations of the word "lines" in this eclectic show. Artists include: Sandra Ackerman, Clarine Boles, Danna Wolke Bowersox, Peggy N. Brewer, Nancy Cassel, Daria Fileta, Jack Glaab, Judy Gilmer, Jennifer Helner, Claudia Hershman, Rosemary Lee, Ellen Leigh, Jan Lucking, Michael McNamara, Aileen Mozug, Barbara Eko Murphy, DeAndre Norman, Sarah Olson, Kate Paul, Janice Polzin, Patricia Riascos, Joanne Rochon, Ellen Sherman, Lori Zurvalec.


In addition, the Art House is pleased to announce a new exhibit on its "Emerging Artist" wall. Brittany Kihl, a student at Marygrove College, will display her work during the month of September.


The show will open with a reception on Friday, September 5, from 6-9 p.m. The exhibit will continue through Saturday, September 27 during regular Art House Gallery hours (Wednesday-Saturday, 1-5 p.m.).

For additional information, call 248-344-0497 or visit

Art House exhibits are free and open to the public.



"Lines" An All-Media, Juried Exhibition

Opening Reception:  Friday, September 5, 2014, 6-9 p.m.

Exhibit runs through Saturday, September 27, 2014

Gallery Hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 1-5 p.m. (First Fridays only, 1-9 p.m.)

Location:  Northville Art House, 215 W. Cady Street, Northville, MI  48167

Admission:  Free

More Information:  (248) 344-0497



#4  Golden Columns, Photo, Jack Glaab

#45 Re-Districting, Mixed Print Media, Rosemary Lee


"Stretch Those Bills" at Forman Mills - Clothing retailer helps local youths Dress for Success in 2014! Photos by United Photo Work's Paul Hitz

Happy Monday! 

With Summer coming to a quick close we got word about a great promotion from a local retailer who was helping local families "Stretch Those Bills" so we sent MCB alumni Paul Hitz to check it out





DETROIT­– With three Detroit-area stores, Forman Mills, a value-based discount department retailer committed to providing consumers in underserved markets with significant discounts on high-profile brand fashions, will be helping more than 100 Detroit-area students dress for success this school year.

This past Thursday, August 21, more than 100 pre-identified youth, who are consumers of Neighborhood Service Organization visited the Forman Mills Warren and Conner store (11950 East Warren Avenue, Detroit) to redeem $15 vouchers to be used on school uniforms.

In addition to the pre-selected youth, the first 50 youth, ages 18 and under, on-site who perform the Forman’s Mills “Stretch Those Bills” dance or give a “Forman Mills” shout also will receive one voucher each. 

MCB's Paul Hitz was there to catch all the action!

“We wanted to ensure that students in the community have the opportunity to walk into school on the first day feeling confident and ready for a year of learning,” said Rick Forman, president and CEO of Forman Mills. “Being able to take the burden of being able to afford clothes for school off of the students and their families is of great importance to all of us at Forman Mills.”

Neighborhood Service Organization (NSO) is a human services agency serving metropolitan Detroit’s most vulnerable.  The nonprofit runs several programs serving youth including Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngers (HIPPY), Youth Initiatives Project, YouthLink and Life Choices Youth Program.

“We are honored that Forman Mills selected our young consumers as recipients of these generous vouchers,” said NSO President and CEO Sheilah P. Clay.  “It sends a positive message to families that businesses in our community are invested in the future success of children and youth.”


Offering the latest in fashion for youth, juniors and young men and women, Forman Mills is currently offering numerous deals on back-to-school apparel.  School uniforms are available in a variety of colors with polo shirts ranging from two for $9 for kids to two for $12 for young men, and shoes for $10.  Other fall fashion deals include denim jeans, two for $10; three t-shirts for $5; and boys pants for $6.

Adds Valerie Fiordaliso, Forman Mills’ Marketing Director, “Whether the student is required to wear a uniform or just needs a few new items for the school year, we have what they need.”

In addition to the Warren and Conner location, Forman Mills also can be found in Highland Park at the Model T Plaza, Bel-Air Centre on East Eight Mile Road in Detroit and on Miller Road in Flint.  The company will be opening a fifth Michigan location in Southfield later this year.



NEXT MONTH: Geek Fan Expo, 5-6-7 Sept in Dearborn

September 5th, 6th and 7th, 2014

Anime • Books • Comics • Cosplay • Fantasy • Horror • Scifi • Tabletop Gaming • Video Gaming

What is Geek Fan Expo?
Geek Fan Expo is an all-inclusive Geek-Fandom Experience. We include programming from all walks of Geekdom, and have designed the experience around you. Together with you, we are building the next generation of convention by bringing geeks of every type together to share a truly social geek fan experience.

Our interactive forum focuses on quality entertainment and production to bring you a both modern and nostalgic fan experience. Featuring destination events, topical discussion panels, workshops, vendor and artist exhibitions, contests and more!

This looks like a con for every flavor of geek — check out the whole schedule here!


Gentle Reminder: The Polyphonic Spree

The Polyphonic Spree
@the Magic Bag
Friday, August 22
doors 8pm $23 adv

Free tickets! Queensryche, Great White (Mark Kendall Interview), Dio Disciples and Bang Tango Aug 28th @ DTE

Our friends at National Rock Review recently spent some time interviewing Mark Kendall of Great White about their upcoming show at DTE Energy Music Theatre with Queensryche, Dio Disciples and Bang Tango. Head over to their site and enter to win a pair of tickets to the show!

Third Wave Music

Some very cool folks are looking to open a full service musical instrument shop servicing Detroit. 
Watch this video and support the indiegogo campaign


Detroit Derby Girls All-Star Spaghetti FUN-raiser

Before seeing the The Polyphonic Spree at The Magic Bag, get yourself something to eat.

Our Detroit Derby Girls All-Star team has made it to Division 2 playoffs and need your help to get them there!

The girls have teamed up with the Frank Wendland Post 253 The American Legion on Friday, August 22, 2014 in Royal Oak to hold our very first spaghetti dinner fundraiser.

The night will include:
Dinner and Drinks with your favorite Derby Girls
50/50 Raffle
Silent Auction
Merchandise for purchase

Suggested donation of $9.00 will get you a plate of spaghetti, a salad, and a dinner roll. The plates start slinging at 5:00 pm and ends when food runs out.

Our fundraiser will take place at:
Frank Wendland Post 253 The American Legion
1505 N. Main Royal Oak Mi 48067

Theatre Bizarre Tickets Go On Sale Friday

Before seeing the The Polyphonic Spree at The Magic Bag, get your Theatre Bizarre tickets across the street.

Pre-Sale Ticket Event will be held on Friday, August 22nd & Saturday, August 23rd from 7pm until 2am

Both nights brimming with live music, circus freaks, & burlesque along with a cash bar in The Rust Belt Market event space in Ferndale, Michigan.

The Preview Gala ~ Friday, October 17th at the Masonic Temple [Limited to 450 tickets] ~ A semi-formal masquerade including special guests, strolling dinner, open bar, & valet

Tier 1: $150 -first 100 [available at The Rust Belt ONLY - limit 2 per purchaser]
Tier 2: $200 -only 150 available
Tier 3: $250 -only 200 available

Theatre Bizarre ~ The Greatest Masquerade on Earth ~ Saturday, October 18th at the Masonic Temple

Tier 1: $65 -first 500 [available at The Rust Belt ONLY - limit 2 per purchaser]
Tier 2: $75 -now until October 1st
Tier 3: $85 -after October 1st

Both nights of this Pre-Sale Event will be 21 and OVER only with a $5 COVER which is refunded with any purchase of a ticket or merchandise.

Tickets will also be available during normal Rust Belt Market hours in the Event Space from 11am-7pm Saturday & 11am-6pm on Sunday the 24th.

All remaining TICKETS will become available from our local retailers and from the website as WILL CALL ONLY beginning on August 25th.