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BellyDance Superstars - Babelesque - Music Hall - Sat Nov 17th 8pm

Babelesque Bellydance Superstars

This Middle Eastern-based cabaret style bellydance art form, features sparkly costumes on otherwise unadorned bodies performing traditional dances.
Sultana, also known as Bellydance Superstars, melts traditional Egyptian and cabaret style dancing with an American offshoot known as tribal fusion, or tribal for short.
Creative mutations and hybrids of the dance in other lands are a testament to the brilliance of its originators.
Experience this cultural expression of them pushing the envelope of the bellydance art form in vibrant acts that will move you beyond borders and soak up new influences.
Sat, 11/17/0708:00 PM
350 Madison Ave

Tickets are $47.00 $37.00 $27.00