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UNTAPPED Talent Series - Lager House Detroit - Thur 2/10

Singer Songwriter, Emilio Basa, is bridging the many music communities in Detroit by introducing the UNTAPPED TALENT series on Thursday, February 10th at the Lager House. The main goal of the series is to merge the different music communities and blend them together under one roof. This will not only introduce the artists to a new audience, but it will also reveal to the fans the diverse and extraordinary talent we have in Detroit.

"I've been in a lot of scenes around Detroit and the one thing that I've noticed is that there are so many great artists here, but I've never heard of them. From the open mic scene to the poetry spots and the hip hop shows there is an undeniable talent that is going unnoticed in the city. That is what I want to change with the UNTAPPED TALENT series." says Basa.

"I've noticed with every music genre there is always a strong community. Artists encouraging artists. Fans supporting shows. Artist kicking it with fans. Without it, the artist would be performing to empty rooms and fans would be watching an empty stage. My goal is to bring these communities together through music."

The show will include unforgettable performances by Emilio Basa, Lisa Hurt, Kent Koller, D. Allie and Mic Phelps.

Lisa Hurt is a singer songwriter armed with a piano and an engaging voice. Her captivating performances draw you in because she has that something special that makes you stop and listen. Lisa Hurt stands alone and separates herself from your standard female act.

With a bluesy undertone, soaring vocal prowess, and a soulful refined guitar, Kent Koller is another artist on the rise. His music goes from jazz to blues to folk and he still retains his own sound. He has been compared to Jeff Buckley, yet he is refreshingly original.

D. Allie has been learning his hip-hop trade through crews like Cooperative Opposites and United States of Mind. His style is more of the smooth, jazzy vibe of De La Soul via Dilla dawg. His sound is a mix of a lot of different things, but above all it's personal. His shows are all about a personal connection with him and the audience.

Mic Phelps (aka Young Phenom) is a slam poet and one-fourth member of one of the illest hip hop groups in Detroit, Cold Men Young. He is coming back to his roots to showcase his spoken word. He is straight to the point and speaks truth and that's why when Mic Phelps talks, people listen.

Emilio Basa has been a singer songwriter in the Detroit area for close to a decade. A member of Selfmeyi, he also divides time between the group and his solo career. His sound is a mixture of folk, alternative and soul. With all the new terms being thrown around, it is hard to hold Emilio to a specific style. One thing you can call it is a style all his own.

UNTAPPED TALENT series will be held at PJ's Lager House on Thursday, February 10th. Show starts at 9pm. Cover is $5 and 21+ only. 1254 Michigan Ave, Detroit MI 48226 (313) 961-4668