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PHOTOS/REVIEW: Jamie xx at the Majestic Theater

After a highly acclaimed debut album
In Colour released in June, Jamie Smith, better known as Jamie xx, made his way through Detroit last night to DJ at the Majestic Theater.  The ambiance was upbeat in the Majestic's big room with a small-enough feel and ample sound.  

I am big fan of the album, and was excited to hear how choice cuts like the ones featuring xx bandmate Romy Croft on vocals (Loud Places, Seesaw) would fit in or if the more eclectic sample-infused tracks would be included. 

Jamie xx is a stellar DJ with years of experience collecting, producing, perfecting and
becoming the craft.  As soon as his crate of vinyl was set and the colored lights went up, I knew we'd be in for a ride.  In an otherwise pre-programmed set, it's always nice to hear a DJ show some improv skills.  The production was on point with colored lazers, lights and a giant disco ball.  There was enough fog and bodies to get you to feel like you might be in that smaller club, but not take away from what was happening on stage.   

Lifting off with Think Twice, a track from The Detroit Experiment set the tone for the evening.  It might not have clicked right away, but you can't go wrong with an opener like this.  From then on Jamie seemed to effortlessly drive through house, techno, dub and his own work.  Kerri Chandler's "Hallelujah" on wax made some of us go bananas and teasers of
Loud Places eventually led us where we wanted to go.  Jamie really knows his stuff and it showed.  A real "DJ's DJ" is harder to come by in the current EDM world, but when someone like Jamie xx rolls through town,  you should't miss it.

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