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GET THERE QUICK! HYPE Screen Print Space Fundraiser LAST DAYS!

By now you know that my favorite Detroit band—possibly my favorite-of-all bands to see play live—is the Amino Acids. One of their affiliates and screen printer to the stars, Scotty Boyink, has been filling his "extra," non-band-managing time by making excellent quality, hand-pulled, made-in-Detroit screen prints—everything from tshirts to posters to stickers to anything you bring yourself—under the label HYPE Screen Printing. I have a couple myself, printed AT local shows, and they're some of my favorite shirts.

HYPE is currently building out a retail space in Southwest, and is looking for a little boost for some supplies. The space is already procured, they are just putting in the necessary accommodations. This won't just be a retail/work space for HYPE, but an all-ages show venue, meeting space, and overall boon to the community.

They aren't asking for money for nothin' either! Check out HYPE's Patronicity page for rewards.

The campaign ends in three days! I wish I'd known earlier to get all the MCB rabblerousers on board! (Thanks to Hip in Detroit for cluing me in on this.)

So get in there and share a couple bucks. I've already contributed so I can be there for the Aminos show March 20th.

Yeah, this is how much we love HYPE.