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SHOW REVIEW: Strangers You Know at the Pike Room

Strangers You Know at the Pike Room

-Article and Photos by Taylor Ohryn-

In comes Adam Haagan and Grady Lee from the band Strangers You Know.  Not use to the one person crowd type scenario, today will be an example of what is to come before anyone becomes big. I shouldn't say that they have always performed to empty venues as the band was born in the backyard of Coachella (a festival, that as of this year, had over hundred thousand people from all around the world). While having a decent time slot between well-known artists at Coachella, they never really had to worry about getting the audiences attention.

While waiting for the opening act for the evening to get their band mates together, I find Strangers You Know manager Christian sitting on top of their tour bus.  After an invite to join him, we speak about the story of the artist and the con-artist. We discuss how group member Grady snuck into Coachella via Artist Alley and ran into Adam. The event brought the boys together as if it was destiny that wrote the screenplay that day.

At this point, we decided it was time for an impromptu interview with the boys themselves. We spoke about how tiny Pontiac was with their always seemly closed shops before discussing mistaken venues for bigger names like Disclosure and Flume. The conversation turns to artists they would like to perform/work that included the  likes of Taylor Swift and Beck.

"This will be the day everything will change." seemed to be the motto for Grady as he said out loud to himself (or to anyone who was willing to hear.) Their manager was hoping that bit of optimism will be practiced at Today's show. Their set time was now up as they move to the Pike Room inside the Crofoot to perform their set.

 Strangers You Know music is a crossbreed of  California charm rock  mixed in with an electronic edge. The show consisted of the group testing out newly performed songs to covers including "Roses" from Outkast.  In theory, these two guys in their early twenties will have no problem getting the attention of the girls. As for their music, they shall have to wait and see. The potential to grow is there and alive as long as they stay optimistic.

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