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MCB ROAD TRIP: CSICon 2016 in Vegas!

Your humble narrator has just returned from a long weekend in Wisconsin (made longer courtesy a stray nail 15 miles from the nearest anything, under a sky filled with a billion stars and zero cell satellites — like the beginning of a thousand urbanite nightmares and just as many horror films), and she's got just enough time to pack her costume and hit her favorite kinda-sorta yearly event, the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry's CSICon, this time in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.

October 27-30, 2016

I've written extensively — and I mean my god this girl won't shut up — about this event (and related) in previous installments, and it's something I look forward to very much when it does happen. So I'll be there with my little camera, my big costume (more on that later), and my notepad to share with all of you who spent Halloween some place more realistic (you fools).

But you know, there's still time to join us — and by "us" I mean the likes of Richard Dawkins, James "The Amazing" Randi, Lawrence Krauss, Joe Nickell, Jamy Ian Swiss, and a long list of other science and skepticism superstars — and flights to Vegas are cheap.

If you do make it, look for the girl with the chupacabra hoodie, red streaked mohawk, and goofy grin and say hi!