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TONIGHT: MITNM 81 X Seraphine Collective at Motor City Wine

Monday is the new Monday #81 

w/s/g Seraphine Collective April On Chilling + Sophia Ines Kitavn. 


Seraphine Collective is partnering with the MITNM crew to help raise funds for the Beat Match Brunch Program. After becoming a recipient of the Knight Arts Challenge Grant, Seraphine Collective is excited to announce the expansion of their workshop series intended to teach female-identified and gender non-conforming individuals how to DJ with vinyl records. Along with technical skills, the workshops provide resources, peer-support and encouragement for those entering the electronic music scene. To learn more about the program follow the link below.

All donations to Seraphine Collective are processed through Allied Media Projects, a 501c3 tax deductible organization.

Food by Julian + Devin + James

POTATO SALAD Yukon gold & red skin potato, cauliflower, shallot, haricots vert, relish, mustard, vegenaise, dill, parsley, lemon, spice

SPINACH CUCUMBER SALAD tomato, mint, white bean, lemon, olive oil, spice 

STEW garnet yam, purple sweet potato, Serrano pepper, kidney bean, carrot, collars green, ginger, turmeric root, onion, garlic, warming spice
*served over long grain brown rice cooked with ginger and turmeric root*

$6 Large / $4 Small per dish

Motor City Wine
1949 Michigan Ave