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Lots of music! Lots of dancing! Lots of absurdity! And, lots of FUN!

The performance is at the Tangent Gallery/Hastings Ballroom on November 17th, 2017, and marks Konrad's 3302nd performance since he graced the stages at 12 years old!

He will perform a cornucopia of classics from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's! Included in his repertoire are his sexy and soulful renditions of “Fever” and “My Way” that outshines Frank's version!

Konrad Lee, lounge singer extraordinaire is what you would call, the consummate performer. A Detroit gem. An acrobatic vocalist. A purveyor of fine Red Roof Inn’s across the United States. (He loves the mints found on the pillows.) A man of few words, unless music is playing.

He has brought his music to the masses and joy to crowds from Albuquerque, NM, to Juno, Alaska, to Pittsburgh, PA, to Amsterdam, Netherlands back home to Detroit. For about three decades, he’s been unstoppable and a crowd favorite – no matter the crowd.

Here’s just a taste of the wonderfully talented individuals who will grace the stage on this fantastic evening of low-class entertainment!

The Hotsy Totsies:
  • Ms. Lushes LaMoan - The hardest working showgirl in Detroit!  An entertainer since birth, swooshing out of the birth canal, she oozes sex appeal and screams laughter, and has been doing so for 11 years.
  • Ms. Kitty Paige -  The classic beauty with a big booty! For 10 years she has become known as your secret crush, your dream time lover. Don't let that smile fool you, she'll lure you in and claw your heart to shreds! MEoow!
  • Ms. Bootsie La Fontaine -  The one and only, a TRIP with no luggage, low class and a bad ass...she's our favorite bootsie. She's been bringing the gutter to the stage for the past 13 years.
The Samurai Arkestra:

  • Ms. Michele Jones -  By day, wild-mannered proprietor and scissor slinger of Gentlemen First Barbershop, featured as a Metro Times BOD award winner. By night she is the stunt double/lead vocalist, Viagra Jones, of Bazooka Jones. In between, she is often spotted looking for her keys.
  • Mr. Tim Suliman – Perennial pounder plays with Eastside Elvis, Popsicle Shiv, DCFC Northern Guard and the College of 'Pataphysics' Marching Band. And like fine wine, Tim S. is old, dusty, and mostly sour.
  • Mr. Sadaat Hossain -  This multi-instrumentalist and part-time lover plays in the band The Poltroons, Code Brown (the Ween cover band) and is owner/operator of the Raven Cafe in scenic Port Huron, MI. 
  • Mr. Tim Taebel – Bass monster Taebel currently plays in Eastside Elvis, Twitch, Noise Lab A/X and suspects that gravity is a hoax.
  • Mr. Lee Galbraith -  He is a man about town, connoisseur of fine spray cheese, and a musician based in Port Huron, MI. The Big Icky - He has traveled across the country, grossing and amazing people on the way, for 10 years. He's a man of stranger and unusual talents and if its not icky, its just disgusting!

Think old days or old school to the ‘Laugh-In’, ‘Dean Martin and the Golddigers’, ‘Smothers Brothers’ days, and you have Konrad Lee and the Hotsy Totsies w/the Samurai Arkestra.

Doors at 8pm. There will be two sets with an intermission.
Admission is $15 at the door. 18+
Tangent Gallery / Hastings Street Ballroom
715 East Milwaukee Avenue, Detroit, MI 48202
(313) 873-2955