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Lushes LaMoan & Chloe Bowie Present... “Satire-Day Morning Cartoons” Variety Revue

A vaudeville revue show full of maniacal mockery and provocative parodies of new and nostalgic cartoons. 

Expect loads of lascivious laughs that will make your belly ache from this action packed show!
Featuring an all-star cast of Detroit's most notorious and sought after vaudevillians:
  • The indefinable Emcee Josh Danforth
  • The musical stylings of Chloe Bowie
  • Timeless vocals of Grace Detroit
  • The dazzling dance of Michael Dallas
  • The Amazing FLEC and his contact balls
  • and Detroit's most intoxicating burlesque artist Lushes LaMoan.

July 6, 2018 -  The Tangent Gallery 
715 E Milwaukee, Detroit, Mi 48202
Doors @ 9pm - Cash Door $15 - 18+

Bowie and LaMoan's Variety Revue is the love child of Chloe Bowie's Slapstick Silly Detroit Burlesque Company and Lushes LaMoan's award winning classic burlesque group, The Detroit Dizzy Dames. 

Bowie and LaMoan's Variety Revue will delight Detroit audiences by fusing together their styles of decadence and debauchery with talents that will leave you breathless! This all inclusive show will feature performers specializing in the themed acts ranging from performance art, music, comedy, drag, sideshow, belly-dance, circus arts and burlesque. There is something for everyone to feast their eyes upon!

About the producers:

Lushes LaMoan has been dubbed "Detroit's hardest working showgirl" due to her work ethic and compassionate commitment to the arts. She has been a performance artist her entire life. With experience on many theater stages, she was an international improv comedian by the age of 18, model, actress, singer, seamstress and designer. This showgirl is a quadruple threat! Lushes has been performing burlesque since 2006, she incorporates all of her fine art and performing art skills to bring to you awe inspiring numbers you won't forget! 

Chloe Bowie is a Detroit Native with a background in musical theater. Her goal is to modernize the art of burlesque by bringing her unique musical style of her remarkable voice and ukulele to her performance. She started burlesque in 2008 as an original cast member of the Detroit Dizzy Dames, and moved on to starring in large scale vaudeville style productions. Shortly after her rise as a solo star, she founded the Detroit Burlesque Company. Not only statuesque but also incredibly striking, Chloe Bowie will surely strike your heart chord while strumming on her g-string.
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