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Dear Boy (Photo by Casey Curry)
How many times have you purposely arrived to a concert late to skip the opening band? It seems these days everyone has short attention spans and don't want to sit thru opening acts while waiting for the headliners. In the case of the upcoming dual headlining show of The Psychedelic Furs and James coming to the Royal Oak Music Theatre on July 27, it would be a shame if you missed the opening band Dear Boy!

Dear Boy will be setting the stage for the night with their brand of Brit pop meets post punk and dreamy guitar driven songs that are reminiscent of bands from the eighties and nineties. They are a perfect match to this retro bill! The band may have Brit influences, but they hail from Los Angeles. With two E.P.s of music on their own label under their belt, the band has been making waves in their hometown and abroad. They were named one of the best bands in Los Angeles by music critics there in 2018. They have supported artists such as Peter Murphy, The xx and Dear or Die and also embarked on a national tour with fellow indie band Rogue Wave.

The band are also fans of the two bands they are currently touring with as they have released a cover of The Psychedelic Furs tune “The Ghost In You.” They are also actively keeping the medium of music videos alive and have released a dozen for their songs since they started in 2012.

So make a plan to get to the show early and don't miss Dear Boy. You don't want to hear from your friends how you missed a good band the next day.

Here is a short Q&A from lead vocalist/guitarist Ben Grey of Dear Boy by Sue Static:

Is this your first time playing in Michigan?

It is! And I can’t think of a better first date with Michigan.

Obviously the band are Psychedelic Furs fans, whose choice was it to cover the song “Ghost In You”? Were there any songs in the running for a cover?

Haha totally… We wear our Furs fanaticism on our sleeves.

We do love to cover other music... "In The City" by The Jam, "Girlfriend in a Coma" by The Smiths, "Only The Lonely" by The Motels, "Only You" by Yaz, "Never Let Me Down Again" by Depeche Mode... we even do a fuzzy rendition of "Sister Golden Hair" by America... But "The Ghost in You" was the only cover we've ever done that was truly different than the original but still felt like an actual marriage of two sounds and two bands. Also, whenever we play it live, it's so fun to pretend that we wrote it... Even if it's just for a few minutes ;)

It's good to see a band who still takes the time to release creative videos. Do you have any additional videos in the works?

Thank you! That really means a lot. We actually did just finish shooting a video for a new song called "Heaven Moves." It's kinda like "A Hard Day's Night" if The Beatles were Monsters and if it was directed by Eric Rohmer. I think it's going to be cool.

What else is on the horizon for Dear Boy?

We're planning some fun live shows in Southern California and then a Fall tour... but mostly, we're excited to start tracking our first full length record. It's written... It's ready... and we absolutely can't wait to get moving.

For more info and to hear Dear Boy check out their website or their videos on