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DEVILS NIGHT ALLEYCAT? IN DETROIT - Alleys of Detroit - Tues Oct 30th


Starts at Hart Plaza @ 8pm SHARP! ALL BIKES WELCOME!

"Yep! On October 30th we will once again band together and take over the streets of Detroit ha ha! Are you scared? Filled with TERROR? Perhaps we are the devils, hell bent on bicycles! As allways, it is free and ALL bikes are wellcome,,, no snooty people here so no worrys! Even if your a little shy and want to check it out you should do it.You can even voluneer with other people or just hang out with friends. It will all take place in the well lit downtoun area with maned check points! So you cant get lost and nothing is to dark and creepy.This one will be sort of like Alleycat 5. We had well over 200 people and had a blast!!! I got so much mail over that one I thank this one should be sort of the same.Costumes are not necesary but are allways fun. The event is free but donations are allways wellcome! I want to thank all of the volunteers from the past races, "THANK YOU". I dont have all your names so I cant list you individually and risk missing someone. This would not happen without you! I owe Rock Dove Couriers a BIG THANKS for doing and funding the last race (alleycat 6). They are the fastes way to move a package in Detroit by the way. THANKS to everyone for your donations that help to cover cost and keep it free and your support in showing that we have community in this town!"