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ZOMBIE NIGHT - In Zero Indie Movie Night @ Main Theatre - Tues Nov 6th

The popcorn line tends to get busy since switching to liquid brains spray so get there early
A night of local independent zombie films
Tuesday, November 6, 2007, 7 p.m.
Main Art Theatre
118 N. Main Street
Royal Oak, MI 48067
Door $10
Finding an excuse to throw a zombie party isn't hard to find these days but in this case not only do you get to BE A ZOMBIE and HANG OUT WITH ZOMBIES but you get to watch a bunch of independent short films ABOUT ZOMBIES!!! Plus the cool kats (ooops I mean other ZOMBIES) at The Mitten Movie Project will supply you fellow ZOMBIES with free brains to eat during the show. You can't beat that for a dollar! (or $10 for that matter!)
Here is the list of ZOMBIE SHORTS:

Mangurt Commercial [premiere] – Thought Collide Productions (01:51). Commercial for Mangurt -- yogurt for men. Absurdist comedy at its best. (No, this isn’t a zombie film, but this is its world premiere so enjoy!) Starring Clark Eagling, Howard Hertz, Bart Bealmear, Tiffanie Kilgast, Nicole LaDouceur, and Jeanne Joubin. Directed by Rob Gulley and written by Gary Burnaska.
Cold Dead Hands [trailer] – Bad-Mag Films (00:38) Six survivors find themselves trapped inside a state-wide quarantine perimeter and only their romantic entanglements, millions of reanimated corpses and the U.S. government stand between them and freedom.
Heaven’s Gate [trailer] – Biorhythm Productions (01:39)
InZer0 – Episode 7 (Zombie Edition) – Thought Collide Productions (04:31) Raimi (Sonja Ribicki) finds herself trapped in a creepy house full of zombies and is forced to slice her way out of trouble. This special cut includes only the zombie scenes from InZer0 Episode 7.
Buddy BeBop vs. The Living Dead [trailer] – Ream Enterprises (04:02) It’s 1958 and anytown USA is about to become anything but normal. The U.S. government has been conducting secret radioactive tests aimed at pioneering space flight, but high levels of radioactive material have leaked and turned the town into an army of zombies. Buddy Holly, playing a show at a local roller rink, must help the remaining survivors quell an onslaught by the living dead.
The Things That Ate Detroit – Directed by John Dunivant (06:52) While you may know John Dunivant for hosting the most raucous and wild Halloween party in Detroit – Theatre Bizarre – he also has a fondness for making zombie films. “The Things That Ate Detroit” is a 1950’s style slice of life film that showcases zombies after they’ve taken over the city and fallen back into their typical routines of daily life.
Office Outbreak [trailer] – Directed by Shawn Woodard (03:08) A worker who recently returns to work after being on a reality TV show begins infecting others with a highly contagious disease that sends the infected into a violent rage against the non-infected. For the safety of the outside world, the FBI declares a state of emergency and quarantines everyone inside the building. The people on the inside must survive the onslaught of the infected people until a vaccine is developed.
Zombie Walk Detroit Invades Royal Oak! [footage] – Filmed by Erik of the Zombie Reporting Center (05:23) On September 29, 2007, nearly 200 living dead swarmed the unsuspecting streets of Royal Oak, Michigan. Stunned spectators bore witness to the largest zombie walk in the state, thus far. Aspiring zombies (and victims) are encouraged to participate in upcoming walks. Get the gory details at
Gay Zombie – Directed by Michael Simon (20:00) A sexually confused zombie goes on an adventure through West Hollywood where he makes friends and meets a special someone named Todd. His new buddies help him come to terms and try to assimilate him into normal life. Everything is peachy until his flesh eating appetite rears its ugly head. Will Miles be able to control himself? Will his bloody ways be too much for a boy to bear? Find out during this hilarious ride of undead love.
Sock Puppet Zombies Attack – Directed by Taryn Shick (05:00) Sock puppets Paul and Taryn are relaxing in their cabin in the woods -- until they are attacked by zombies!
Cuffed to Death – Directed by Mike Zawacki (05:55) Two escaped convicts must find a way out of their handcuffs while dodging crazed zombies.
The Dead Walk the Earth Yet They Live . . . And They Kill [trailer] – Directed by Mike Kinnunen (02:26) A 60’s style horror film pitting the good and bad of humanity against a zombie filled world turned upside down. Plus, something even more sinister lies in wait for those unfortunate enough to be alive.
Jesus Rises – Directed by Chris Brown (01:30) Filmed in classic grindhouse style, this is the story of Jesus risen from the dead – as a zombie.
Zombie Love – Directed by Yfke Van Berckelaer (37:00) The musical “Zombie Love” tells the story of Dante, a 200 year old zombie, who falls in love with Claudia, a mortal girl, after he saves her from an attack by two grave robbers. Thinking that a zombie could never win her love, he changes his flesh-eating ways in order to win the girl of his dreams. The closer Dante gets to his desired love, the harder he finds it to maintain the fa├žade, especially when his zombie friends encourage him to eat a teenage girl they have captured. What Dante doesn’t know, however, is that Claudia is already in love with the zombie that saved her from the robbers and desperately tries to find him.