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Running Time - MAIN ART THEATRE - Tonight

Another great evening of indie fims presented by The Mitten Movie Project this past Tuesday night over at The Main Art Theatre in Downtown Royal Oak.
After a pretty good short about a marine corp recruiter who starts to question his "primary function" after the death of a local recruit the screen lept into Running Time.
It started out with a simple emulation of the second hand on a clock with the opening credits and never lost its pace after that - step by step like clockwork. The single shot black and white caper was fun to watch and kept me in my seat. The main character is released from prison and predictably dives back into a crime on a hiest with an old high school chum, the cell mate in prison and a junkie he doesnt know but is brought in by his "friend" from HS. As it shapes up the laughs roll in and there are a slew of hokie local references which was funny and of course they all get caught in the end. Well not really but go check out Running Time from Josh Becker and pick up a copy over at amazon for a nice little stocking stuffer for the motorcity movie buff on your list
After the flick, the director Josh Becker was cool to answer questions from the audience and describe a lot of went into the making and ideas behind the movie.