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FREE TICKETS: THE GO TEAM! - Wild At Heart Concours Special Edition @ Ticket Giveaway

Bill Kettelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog
He has a radio program on WXOU out of Oakland University

Wild At Heart

The Go! Team are an English six piece band whose songs are a mixture of action theme songs, cheerleader chants, guitars and early hip hop, with a hint of '70s funk.
They are playing at the Magic Stick on Aug 2nd,

so if you would like to go, send an email to
first received wins a pair of tickets to the show

(nice work Bill! - kirk)

And now, on to the Concours d’Elegance which is going on this Sunday, Aug 3rd at Meadow Brook Hall.

This is my favorite event in the area, mainly because of the quality of the cars that are invited to the event. That’s right, the cars are invited! The Concours people send out teams of people that look for the best cars on the circuit and invite them to the show. In the past few years, they have had everything from the only existing Ann Arbor to one of the only remaining Futureliners (giant buslike vehicles that traveled between cities before TV to promote the current line of vehicles for GM). This is looking to be a great year and don’t forget to look for me at this weekend’s show.

Starting off, if you are in the Meadowbrook/Rochester area on Friday morning starting at 8:30AM, your truly will be riding in one of the classic cars during the Concours d’Elegance Motoring Tour. It starts at Meadowbrook and goes north to Scripp’s Estate and then at 12:15PM the tour goes to Rochester and then departs Rochester at 2:30PM back to Meadowbrook Hall. This will be a fun time to see these beautiful cars in action.

On Saturday at Meadowbrook, they will be having an open grounds event and you can attend various seminars dedicated to collecting classic Ferrari’s, wine tasting and a cooking demonstration with renowned chef Michelle Bommarito (you will have to get reservations for the seminars, so go to There will be some cars out you can look at for a taste of the main event Sunday and you can test-drive the new 2009 Hyundai Genesis. They will also be having half price tours of Meadowbrook Hall which is a beautiful building with some very nice architecture. I esp like the children’s playhouse in the gardens that is bigger than
my apartment. Basically it is an undersized house for the kids to play “house” in. Ah, to have $!

The main event is on Sunday and runs from 10AM-4PM (college students with ID get in free). Among the special cars is the new BAT 11 which looks like something out of Blade Runner. Designer by local Michigan man Dr. Gary Kaberle, the car is a tribute to the uniquely designed BAT’s and his wife, Debbie, who passed away due to cancer. Dr Kaberle sold his BAT 9 to help pay off her medical bills and give her a few more good years. He later designed this car in her memory and the story is currently be optioned as a book and a possible movie (currently being looked at by Disney).

You can also see the Mitchell concept cars which were designed by the legendary Bill out of his secret basement "Studio X”. Among the cars you can see at the Concours this year are his 1959 Corvette Sting Ray Racer, the 1961 Mako Shark and the 1969 Corvette Manta Ray. You will also see some flying cars including the 1932 Helicron and Ed Sweeney’s 1956 Aerocar (the only one of six that still flies) which is the only airplane in history certified for highway driving. It is easily converted from airplane to car, in minutes, by folding and detaching the wings. Meet the Jetson’s future! Well, almost.

The Concours will also be celebrating the 100th anniversary of both GM and the Model T which will have many representatives. You can also see vintage motorcycles (specializing this year with sidecars), a celebration of the cars of 1933, significant Ferraris, 8 litre Bentleys (6 of the 100 built) and a 1935 Duesenberg that was given as a gift to Clark Gable from Carol Lombard. I hope to see some of you out there. I’ll be wandering around the ground and taking some pictures for the blog with my new digital camera which I am learning to use. Take care and listen to Wild Bill Monday and Thursday mornings from 8-10AM on

Take care and see you around!
I'm on my way to see Neil Diamond @ the Palace tonight and Rancid @ Clutch Cargo's tomorrow.