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37/11 Inaugural Party w/ Silverghost - DSO - Sat Nov 22nd

Welcome to 37/11

This year the Detroit Symphony Orchestra created the most progressive program for young adults of any major orchestra. Anybody under the age of 37 (and 15 and above) can now get select DSO tickets for $11.

Register at or at our Inaugural 37/11 Party.

Our Inaugural 37/11 Party
Saturday, November 22 at 8:30 pm

Complimentary Food, Inexpensive Spirits, Great Music and People.
Only $11. Join Us.
Featuring Evelyn Glennie with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra

After Party Music by Silverghost

Check out this documentary trailer for Evelyn Glennie

Spin Magazine calls Silverghost, “lo-fi, buzzy dance rock sound is equal parts cool and crazed”

Evelyn Glennie is many things; intriguing, innovative, extraordinary and deaf. As Beethoven would put his ear to the piano to feel the vibrations, she plays barefoot to feel them. Join us as the gifted soloist Evelyn Glennie transcends sound. Then tune into the two piece Silverghost featuring Marcie Bolen (Von Bondies). They create a blended mix with female/male vocals, fuzz guitar, analog synths and a drum machine. They are signed to Detroit’s Italy Records (White Stripes, Hentchmen) and produced by Warn Defevor (His Name Is Alive.) You must purchase tickets through the 37/11 program to attend the party. Register at .

For more information, please refer to our FAQ page in the 37/11 area on our website or
email Dominic at