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CPOPportunity2 - CPOP Gallery Detroit - Call for Artists now through Dec 2nd - Show Dec 13th 2008

©POP Gallery’s All-Media Exhibit for New and Exciting Artists!
OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS Now Through December 2nd 2008

©POPpor2nity Exhibition, December 13th, 2008 6PM-10PM

1) Call For Artists! (at least for those who have never before shown at ©POP Gallery).
©POP Gallery is proud to reprise the hugely successful twist on the “vanity gallery” concept, ©POPpor2nity, with an IMMEDIATE CALL FOR ARTISTS, now through December 2. For the second juried, all-media exhibit, appropriately entitled, “©Poppor2nity.”

2) Exhibit- Opening /Artists’ Reception: Saturday, December 13, from 7PM - 10PM.
It’s ©POPpor2nity – The second all-media call for artists and exhibit for all artists who have never shown at the gallery before. For a nominal submission fee every ©POPpor2nity artist will be featured in arguably Detroit’s most popular and influential and ground-breaking gallery, ©POP, with an opening reception for the artists of ©POPpor2nity on Saturday, December 13 from 6 PM until 10 PM. Participants will be juried by a panel of 10 locally and internationally renowned artists, media folk, celebrities and notables, with the winners to be featured in their own 4-person showcase of champions exhibition at a later date at the storied Detroit gallery.
The following is a video of the first ©POPportunity winners’ exhibit entitled,
“It’s Humble To Be Good”

This innovative, artist friendly tweaking of the “vanity gallery” concept, whereby galleries lease space to select artists, a common practice in New York City Galleries, gives every potential artist a chance to exhibit up to 3 pieces for a nominal fee. The only problem is that it is usually the fee is an exorbitant amount of money for an artist to rent the entire gallery- and still have to cut the gallery in a healthy chunk of the sale. With ©Poppor2nity, many fledgling or unknown artists get a chance to exhibit in a world-class gallery at only a fraction of the normal “vanity fee”, while getting an unheard-of 90% of the sale and a chance to compete for their own 4 person exhibit later next year.

3) Exhibit and receive 90% of the proceeds upon sale!
Every artist can submit and potentially exhibit up to 3 pieces of wall-hung or free standing sculptural art (conceptual and Installation art to be judged on space required) and if sold, the artist will receive 90% of the proceeds of the sale in an exhibit, which will commence, Saturday, December 13 at 7 PM.

4) Receive detailed and constructive advise from an experienced industry leader.
©POP, one of the first galleries anywhere dedicated to the once underground and now internationally renowned pop culture art movement, will critique every submission with at least a 3000 + word summation of the artists submissions. On a first come-first served basis, ©POP will choose a limited number of artists culled through MySpace, Deviant Art, various art blogs and the local media, allowing up to 3 pieces (size restrictions apply) and for a nominal submission fee (anywhere from $125 to $225 depending on the amount of pieces accepted) to become part of this exciting array of various media and styles. ©POPportunity in 2007 changed the way many galleries do business by rethinking the “vanity gallery” concept to great success through sales and recognition for all participants. Now, with the economic situation putting the squeeze on everyone’s pocketbook, ©POP gives artists the opportunity to sell their work at reduced prices to the public while maintaining their usual or even increased commission profit! Everyone benefits! Other galleries may be closing, art sales may be in a slump and our core local industry may be in jeopardy, but once again ©POP finds a way to offer artists and patrons greater opportunity while maintaining the high level of quality and innovation everyone has come to expect for almost fifteen years from this renowned cultural institution.

5) Submissions- Now through December 2 - Artists may send up to 3 JPEGS in low to medium resolution to by December 2, 2008. Entrants will receive a critique and response within 3 days via email on the status of their inclusion and the amount of submission fee.

©Pop Gallery is located at 4160 Woodward Detroit, MI 48226.Phone us at (313) 833-9901, contact us by email at or visit us on-line at