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REVIEW: Esham and Mastamind- Meet and Greet Instore at Rock Of Ages in Garden City (with Photos and Video)

Detroit rap legend Esham had a busy day ahead of him on June 26. With a live concert and after party scheduled later that evening, he decided to kick things off with a special Meet and Greet at Rock Of Ages in Garden City earlier in the day. Motorcityblog was on the scene to catch all the action. 
Dozens of fans were already eagerly lined up as Esham and his fellow NATAS group member Mastamind arrived for the special instore. Many fans had merchandise in hand including rare items dating back 25 years such as Esham's debut album Boomin Words From Hell on a red cassette tape.

For one hour Esham and Mastamind had a nonstop line of people wanting to meet the Acid Rap legends. Some came from out of state and even out of Country (Canada Eh!). One fan brought books that he wrote and self published as a gift and signed them for the duo. Esham was sincerely thankful for the effort. 

They were accommodating with autographs and photos, even to the point of Esham asking the fans if they wanted a photo with him without them even asking. CD's, posters, body parts, and even the Holy Bible was signed during the meet and greet.    

Esham and Mastamind were very gracious with all their fans and left pleasing hundreds of them. 
For your viewing pleasure,enjoy this footage from Esham and Mastamind's meet and greet instore courtesy of Ambervillain Films...