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TODAY! 1xRUN Presents: Murals in the Market

Today, Tuesday, July 7th at 10:30am, meet many of the participating artists and see the unveiling of a new mural by Australian artists Meggs and the announcement of the full artists roster for Murals in the Market.  

September of 2015 will be a month to remember as Detroit’s Historic Eastern Market District will be the epicenter of Detroit’s burgeoning public art movement. Eastern Market-based fine art publisher 1xRUN has teamed up with the Eastern Market Corporation to assemble more than 40 local and international artists to Detroit to paint large scale murals throughout the district. The inaugural Murals In the Market festival will kick off on September 17th, as these artists will extend the market’s vibrant history of public murals by adding new large scale work that will embody the spirit of Detroit and the Market’s rich heritage.

Public art has long been an integral part of the Eastern Market district and experience. The Murals In The Market festival will expand on 40+ years of large scale public murals by inviting world class local and international artists to join with local artists to add exciting new works throughout the market. With a diverse group of artists from around the world Murals In The Market will enhance the market experience and help continue the transformation of the market district into a must-see destination.

Over the past 4 years 1xRUN and the company's fine art gallery Inner State, have curated and produced over 30 murals in Eastern Market alone, with more than 100 murals throughout the City of Detroit, including the 2011 city-wide Detroit Beautification Project. With the creation of these murals, each area has seen a significant visual impact on the surrounding neighborhood as well as increased traffic, additional economic development and increased safety.

In addition to creating new murals, the market will also host a series of events including discussion panels with artists and local farmers, a cultural tour with Detroit’s famous Slow Roll bike tour, a movie premiere, an Eastern Market block party, as well as nighttime activities coinciding the neighborhood's yearly Eastern Market After Dark.

Similar to many public placemaking projects Murals In The Market will unveil their “Adopt A Mural” program. Local businesses and arts supporters will have a chance to sponsor an individual mural from their favorite artist and be commemorated with a special plaque. More information on the “Adopt A Mural” program is available at

Murals In the Market is Supported by Aptemal, Behr Paint, Metro Times,Paxahau, Brooklyn Outdoor, Slow Roll, Town Partners, Detroit Sausage Company, Hostel Detroit, Zipcar, Montana Colors, 1xRUN, Inner State Gallery & Eastern Market Corporation.