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Stirling and Charles English (Photo by Peter Schorn/
Retro music fans will have three good reasons to get together this December! There will be a reunion of friends, fans, and family of the seminal '80s nightclubs Todd's and Liedernacht/City Club and a birthday celebration for Stirling - the creator of these two (and many other) nightclub new wave theme nights. The party is on Saturday, December 19, 9 pm at Northern Lights Lounge in Detroit's New Center.

The night will feature original Todd's DJ Charles English spinning music from the '80s for your listening and dancing pleasure. The night is also a party for a good cause, as a portion of the proceeds will benefit the release of a local documentary film. 

“AMERICA YOU KILL ME” is a feature-length documentary film about the pioneering work & impact of gay rights activist Jeffrey Montgomery, and the struggle for equality in the midwest. The film is in its final production stages and is scheduled to be released in 2016, once funding is completed. Stirling specifically requested that some of the proceeds go towards this important documentary as it needs to be seen and gay rights was an integral part of the Todd's legacy. The 2014 short film is here: 

The history of Todd's was an East Side gay nightclub that welcomed and transitioned into a new wave/punk dance club two nights a week by nightclub impresario Stirling in the early '80s. He then worked his magic at the old Leland House Hotel and transformed its' upstairs club into the subculture enclave Liedernacht on the weekends. This eclectic club hosted techno pioneer Derek May as a DJ followed by punk Djs on Sundays. The club still remains an underground nightspot today as the City Club and is one of the longest running clubs in the city. Stirling also helped found The Majestic Theatre, and the now defunct Sardine Bar, The Warehouse, and live music club 313.jac.

Northern Lights Lounge is located at 660 W. Baltimore in Detroit. (313) 21 & Over welcome. $6 cover with a portion of the proceeds to benefit the documentary film “America You Kill Me.”