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OPENING FRIDAY: Enjoy Denial @ Inner State Gallery


Friday, December 18th From 7-10pm at Inner State Gallery
Enjoy Denial by Denial

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Opening December 18th, Inner State Gallery is proud to present Enjoy Denial a sensory overload of pop art from button-pushing contemporary artist Denial. Amassing a global following, the Canadian-born street artist challenges society to re-examine the ways in which we perceive a variety of socioeconomic and political issues.

Featuring works spanning Denial’s nearly decade long career, his often satirical approach works to combat mass media, consumerism and advertising by taking familiar imagery and objects and re-contextualizing them into unique artistic statements that drive the viewer to question the worth and difference (if any) between art and advertising.

Building on a long line of pop driven work, Enjoy Denial finds Denial harnessing the negative corporate energies spewed upon society and turns them back against the established power structures that control our everyday lives. With this exhibition, Denial peels back layers of overloaded advertising and logos to shine a not so subtle light on the deceptions society combats daily from corporations.

Fans of the Canadian artist will Enjoy the re-purposed corporate signage; animated and fused with Denial’s signature stencil style. This collection takes the baseline advertising medium of commercial offices and literally ‘flips the script’ to create unique 3-D assemblages with messages that challenge the very same corporate model that originally spawned them. A highly curated night of music includes a live performance from one of Canada’s premiere MCs, Lee Reed of Warsaw Pact among others. Reed’s heavy-handed musical dismemberment of politics and corporate greed pairs perfectly with Denial’s visual critiques.

In a world obsessed by transient consumption and unchecked capitalism, Denial is often the only coping mechanism available to the masses that must carry on.

The exhibition is free and open to the public - Artist reception is Friday, December 18th from7pm - 10pm.

Inner State Gallery

1410 Gratiot Avenue
Detroit, Michigan 48207 (Directions)