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GIVEAWAY: "Three Condoms for Sarah" by local author Eric Wojciechowski

I gave you the skinny on this book as soon as I was finished reading it. Now, Goodreads is giving away THREE copies of the book, so you can find out for yourself — go visit Goodreads for details.

by Eric Wojciechowski

When a betamale decides it isn't worth it anymore to stay in the dating scene but can't help giving it one last attempt with a woman who is “different” than the rest.

It might be a true story.
Probably not.
It's a Gospel.
A Gospel of a Feminarchy.


David Anshire sits on the crown of the Statue of Liberty, brought there in a failed effort to find Sarah Montgomery. Years before, he placed a scathing personal ad that brought him to her attention. Both, disillusioned with the relationship bubble, set out to explore an alternative.

Now, law enforcement is coming to get him, to yank him off the head of the Statue. David reconsiders letting his feelings for Sarah get in the way of being more logical and bides his time waiting, hoping that she'll call him, to explain herself, before the police officer negotiating with him loses his patience.

Somewhere in the city, the fire that consumed David's apartment is being extinguished. Somewhere else, the authorities are investigating a riot that broke out in a well to do neighborhood. The all-male participants are having abandonment issues. Sarah is gone and David is going to be a major news story. Again.