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SHOW REVIEW: Dirt Nasty & Mickey Avalon in Detroit (with video)

Rappers Mickey Avalon and Dirt Nasty have a long history with each other. Upon moving to Los Angeles, Mickey was befriended by ex-MTV VJ Simon Rex who encouraged Avalon to rap and ended up collaborating with him. The two began passing out demos to Hollywood clubs and soon developed a following among fans of the Santa Cruz nightclub scene. The rest is music history as Simon adopted the name Dirt Nasty and him and Mickey soon created careers out of performing catchy rap tunes.
The two recently released the free downloadable EP Married To The Game and are currently on tour to support it, along with their solo work. The duo recently made a stop in Detroit and MCB was there to capture all the action.
St. Andrews Hall was packed on a Tuesday night with much anticipation of the reunited Dirt Nasty and Mickey Avalon for their Married To The Game 2016 tour. The show opened with a short but high energy set by local rapper/producer AJAX. St. Andrews was literally vibrating from the bass coming from the speakers. The vibrating would continue throughout the entire evening.
Dirt Nasty was up next and opened with "Fuck Me, I'm Famous" off his album Nasty As I Wanna Be. Dirt let it be known that he was in awe of the packed house and expressed his love for Detroit throughout the set. At one point he requested a Mexican female from the audience to come up on stage as he needed one for his ode to a Latino lover entitled "Cracker Ass Fantastic". A girl ended up being pulled on stage, but it turned out she was Arabic. Dirt told her to just say she was Mexican and joked about her being Albanian.
Dirt performed songs of his two full length albums as well as some material off his new album Dirty Nasty Sux which was just released this week. During his set Dirt brought up the fact he was smelling marijuana. As he was asking where it was coming from, an audience member through a joint on stage which Dirt took a hit from. Dirt Nasty was having a blast on stage and mixed his comedic talents with his ability to rap and put on a well received show. Dirt had much communication with the audience and requested to borrow a large gold chain from an audience member and wore it for his popular song "1980". Dirt Nasty finished his 35 minute set with the song, but would return later on in the show.
                                                   Dirt Nasty performs "1980" LIVE
                                       Dirt Nasty performs "Fuck Me, I'm Famous" LIVE
Next up was "Mr. Right" himself- Mickey Avalon. Mickey opened his set with "Waiting To Die" off his self titled debut album. During the song he was joined by his stage dancer who strutted around the stage showing off her assets as well as moves to match. She stayed on stage to entice the crowd even further as Mickey went into his next song "Mr. Right". Mickey performed songs off his two full length albums, his "I Get Even" EP as well as non album tracks "Bitter Sweet Surprise" and "Red Light District".
Mickey's set had some technical difficulties involving his backing tracks and at one point had to restart his song "I Get Even" because of them. He apologized for some of the errors and kept the party going. Mickey's dancer had several outfit changes during his set. One included a ski mask and whip during "I'm Hot" and a cheerleader outfit during "Fuckin Em All".
                                              Mickey Avalon performs "Mr. Right" LIVE
                                               Mickey Avalon performs "I'm Hot" LIVE
50 minutes into his own set Mickey brought out Dirt Nasty on stage to perform the song "What Do You Say?" with him. The two collaborated on the song for The Hangover Soundtrack in 2009. Dirt Nasty would stay on stage for the rest of the set and the duo performed songs of their new Married To The Game EP including "My Girlfriend", "Netflix and Chill", and "Do It All Over". Dirt would stick around and act as a hype man as Mickey performed more solo tracks including "Jane Fonda" and "Tight Blue Jeans". Breasts were exposed by a female audience member who was on top of her companions shoulders at the request of Dirt Nasty before Mickey began the song "Stoke Me". 
Dirt asked the audience "What is the one song you wanna here?" before closing out the evening with their song "My Dick". They invited the ladies in the audience to join them on stage and a dozen of them obliged. They danced and gyrated against Mickey, Dirt, and each other as they sang along to the lyrics. As the song ended they quickly approached Dirt Nasty for selfies which he was gracious to do with them.
                             Dirt Nasty & Mickey Avalon perform "What Do You Say?" LIVE
                                 Dirt Nasty & Mickey Avalon perform "My Girlfriend" LIVE
                               **all LIVE footage courtesy of Ambervillain Films**

Dirt Nasty & Mickey Avalon continue their Married To The Game US tour and currently have dates till the end of March.