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Moogfest schedule is up and 1 day tickets are available!

Moogfest just released their incredible 4-day packed schedule!  Exploring the future of technology, art, and music, the festival includes more than 300 musical performances, daytime workshops, conversations, masterclasses, film screenings, live scores, durational sound installations, and multiple interactive art experiences.

The full schedule can be found online at:

I've already printed out the full 19 page schedule and I've got my highlighter ready.  I could download the app, but I guess I'm still old school about these things.

Day Passes Announced!
A limited number of Single Day Passes will go on sale Friday, April 15 starting at 12pm EST
Passes for Thursday, Friday or Saturday are $129
Passes for Sunday are $69

Moogfest celebrates the legacy of Bob Moog, a visionary engineer who pioneered the analog synthesizer and other technology tools used by artists like Stevie Wonder, David Bowie, and Kraftwerk. This year’s program will feature over 250 innovators in music, art, and technology -- from Gary Numan (3 nights), GZA (2 nights), Grimes and Laurie Anderson, to virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier and transhumanist visionary Dr. Martine Rothblatt. For the first time, Moogfest takes place in Durham, North Carolina, a fast-growing capital of technology, culture and entrepreneurship.

Find more about Moogfest at:

●       Moogfest website

●       Moogfest tickets

●       Moogfest Facebook

●       Moogfest Soundcloud

●       Moogfest Twitter

Mikel OD Pfeiffer of MPAD Media