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Show Review – Bleached & No Parents at The Loving Touch April 2016

With the announcement last Thursday of Prince’s death it was certainly a day marked with sadness and memories of the exceptional artist. But, moreover,  with an announcement as heavy as this one, it was a day to be social. To get lost in a crowd with the aid of music blaring loud enough to block the mind from misery and stimulate the feet. Bleached along with No Parents brought all this and more to the Loving Touch with a high energy performance of raw, melodic punk.
No Parents

No Parents from California kicked the show off with a batch of fast punk that may not have left much a of mark on the early, subdued crowd but it was still a fun enough start for things to come.

As the crowd multiplied, Bleached took the stage with a fury of sweet and sassy guitar, bass and drums. Pulling most the songs from their latest album “Welcome the Worms,” Bleached played with a wild abandon that had the singer and bass player joining the crowd for a dance and careening across the stage oblivious to cords and mic stands. While their songs have the rawness of punk, they are also laced with a syrupy pop goodness. Standout moments from their set included a joyous cover of the Ramones “Today Your Love, Tomorrow the world” and their own “Sour Candy.”
Bleached 4-21-2016

I won’t lie, it took some extra energy for me to make it out to the show, but Bleached easily repaid it back with dividends.

Words and pics by Mikel OD Pfeiffer of Digital Racket