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UPCOMING (Sunday, May 22): The Demented Dolls of Sideshow at Smartycatz in Ypsilanti

Enter the Realm of the Wildest and Weirdest Women in the World-
Princess Tweedle Needle, Jenn O. Cide, Princess of Scars, Betty Bloomerz, Spaghetti Anaelle and Fibi Eyewalker are combining their devilish delights and coming to Smartycatz in Ypsilanti this Sunday (May 22).

After their successful 2015 European spring tour, they are now ready to cross the Atlantic Ocean to spread their Madness, Mayhem and Devilish Delights in the U.S.A.

Sword Swallowing! Fire Eating! Human Pincushion! Beds of Nails! These are just a few acts in this twisted comedy show: it's a collection of the most diverse and demented women in the world, combining classic fakirism, contortion, modern sideshow and burlesque.

All the acts they do are real: this is NOT a magic show! They will entice you with their beauty, shock you with their stunts, make you cry from laughter and...they LOVE to bleed, just for you!

The Show is 1.5 hours done in two blocks of 45 min. So you are in for a real treat!

The perfomers for the evening include:

Princess Tweedle Needle is Holland's one and only Human Pin Cushion Girl. Tweedle combines traditional fakir stunts with outrageous and often bloody sideshow acts. She's charming, comical, and completely fearless. Tweedle has travelled worldwide with The Squidling Brothers International Freak Show and performs with Pain Solution in the German Zirkus des Horrors.

Jenn O. Cide breathes fire, belly dances and eats broken glass, sometimes all at once. She's worked for everyone from Sesame Street to America's Most Wanted to Mötley Crüe. If it’s shocking, if it’s compelling, if it’s ENTERTAINING: Jenn O. Cide is all in. Jenn starts her day by breakfasting on broken glass and stapling the morning paper to her forehead. She is a comedic genius and ringmaster to the circus of the absurd; a true American treasure.

The Princess of Scars is a fakir and proud performing artist in Pain Solution, touring worldwide for the last seven years. She elegantly presents her various fakir stunts and skills using theater, dance and comedy. But beware: the Princess is especially attracted to the contrast between the charming and the brutal. Watch her stretch her body and mind to the limit as she explores everything in between.

Betty Bloomerz is one of a kind: a true sideshow doll that devours flames and swords like no other. A clown at heart, she combines the daring and graceful acts of sword swallowing, fire eating, belly dancing and aerial acrobatics. She takes the audience down the rabbit hole into her world of odd anatomy. She works at Ripley's Believe It or Not, the famous Coney Island Sideshow, Cirque Dracula and tours worldwide as part of the Squidling Brothers Circus Sideshow.

Spaghetti Anaelle will shock and amaze you as she bends and twist in ways, making the imposible possible! She's a contortionist in body and spirit, and you will laugh at her silliness while amazed at her flexibility. Anaelle created the "Duoh!LaLa!" performance duet and does everything from street festivals in Asia to the contemporary circus project Crece in Madrid. In 2013 she won the Monti-Price at the Solycirco festival. For most of 2014, she toured with Circus Monti in Switzerland.

Fibi Eyewalker started as a flying trapeze artist under the big top, and then she ran away FROM the circus to join the Squidling Brothers Sideshow. She’s known as the dragon tongued lady, using her powerful breath to inflate balloons and bend fire in ways that are both bizarre and beautiful! Fibi is covered in eyeballs, bringing her visions of space and the outer dimensions into this world. In the past year, she’s circled the globe, traveling coast to coast in the USA, across Europe, into Israel, India and Japan.

Tickets are $10.00 at the door.
Doors 9 pm  
Smarty Catz is located at 16 N Huron St, Ypsilanti, MI 48197