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Bar Brady's Friday Drink Recipe - VERNORS SAKETINI

Well - its Friday and that means another fabulous installment of Bar Brady's Friday Drink Recipes and this one sounds just right for a blizzardy friday lunch like today...enjoy!

Vernors Saketini

One of Detroit’s healthy and delicious classics.
Well not really a classic or to healthy
But still.. its’ got booze and Motor City roots - enough said.

One bottle of good sake
¼ cup fresh chopped ginger
Two liter bottle of Vernors ginger ale
Some ice

1) Drop you chopped ginger into the bottle of sake.

Let it infuse in fridge over night.

2) Fill your pitcher with ice

3) Pour in ½ bottle of gingery sake. Stir it up.

4) Strain sake into Mason jars (that means sake no ice)

4) Add Vernors to taste.

Try adding a strip of crystallized ginger for a garnish
(chew yellow stuff comes in bags)
I’d stick with the regular Vernors on this one
Diet will make the drink too bitter