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MCB-VIDEO - Interview - RECORD GIVEAWAY - Gore Gore Girls - Pierpoint Commons Cafe - Fri Feb 15th

MCB caught up with GGG last December out at The Crofoot Pike Room where we got a chance sit down and talk to Amy & Hammer about the great year they had in 2007 and what was on the horizon for 2008. Thanks to Bloodshot Records we got a copy of the limited edition Pink Vinyl Record from The Gore Gore Girls to giveaway to one lucky reader

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Make sure to catch them out in Ann Arbor this weekend with 2 other great motorcity bands _________________________________________
Gore Gore Girls
Friday February 15th 2008

University of Michigan / Pierpoint Commons Cafe
2101 Bonisteel Blvd, Ann Arbor MI
@ Bonisteel & Maufin
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109

w/ Hard Lessons & Silent Years
Silent Years 8:30 / GGG 9:15 / Hard Lessons 10:15

Interview with Amy Gore - Dec 2007 - Crofoot Pontiac MI USA

MCB: Hi Amy - Thanks for meeting with MCB for this interview...

AG: Yes

MCB: The Gore Gore Girls were signed by Bloodshot in Feb have things changed for the group?

AG: Get The Gore was released on Bloodshot Records in June of 2007, actually. The recordings were done at Jim Diamond's Ghetto Recorders studio in two parts, most in April of 04 and then finished in the Summer of 05. We toured with an EP that had some of the songs from the album on it in 2004, with The Cramps. Recording with Jim is always fun, he's a great man to have at the board.

MCB: GGG hit the road hard this past year, 1st over at SXSW then Electric 6 and finally another stint to end the year playing with SCOTS....what was the best and worst of the tours?

AG: The Electric 6 is a machine, and also truly nice guys. We had a blast with them. Their crowds are different than anything we've played to before, which was an experience. In December we had shows with Southern Culture on the Skids, that was incredible. SCOTS are a great, great band and super rad people. We had a great time... kind of too much of a good time, really. Our last show with SCOTS was at the Orange Peel in Asheville where they were being filmed for a movie. A SCOTS show is always crazy; they invite people on stage to dance and have fun. I was lucky enough to guest on guitar with the amazing Mary Huff, which I'll not soon forget!

MCB: When I listen to "Where Evil Grows" and think back to "Mama in the Movies" there is just no comparison - Can you highlight some of the factors contributing to the maturity of the songwriting/group?

AG: I love "Where Evil Grows"! I had that 45 when I was a kid. Terry Jacks has an interesting musical history, the Poppy Family released some very unique recordings. There is a song called "There's No Blood in Bone" that is creepy and wild, too kind of like WEG. It was a challenge to record that song. Eric Stollsteimer (Freddy & The Four-Gone Conclusions, Mondo Mod) played electric citar and Michael Maltese ( Fortune & Maltese) played keys. The first GGG 45 was recorded in a glass shop in Redford, MI, our old bassist's brother's shop, and in probably under 30 minutes. Both examples of stellar, grade A Rock N Roll!

MCB: How is the relationship going with Gretsch Guitars and why are they the axe of choice?

AG: Hammer and I have played Gretsch guitars for years, my first was a 65 Gretsch Corvette, Hammer has a 60's Gretsch Rally Custom. Bo Diddley knew what he was doing, Gretsch rules! I hope to get my hands on a Gretsch Princess one day. Now I play a 6136 Gretsch White Falcon and Hammer has a Gretsch Silver Phoenix prototype. Her guitar is one of two made, the other was sent to Brian Setzer for his approval.

MCB: What is the best part of returning to the MOTORCITY after being on the road so much?

AG: Friends, my bed, a clean bathroom! We love it here, there is really no other place on earth like Detroit. For better and for worse!

MCB: Who are the Gorettes?

AG: Gorettes are a hand picked lot of the finest singing and dancing ladies in town. The backup singers on the album are Casey Dawson, Nikki Corvette, Loretta Lucas and myself. For stage, The Lucas Sisters and Aran Ruth are core Gorettes. They performed with us for our record release parties in Detroit and in Chicago last year.

MCB: What does 2008 hold in store for GGG? Will there be a new record and will it be recorded in Detroit?

AG: Gore is doing it's first show at the University of Michigan on February 15th! We haven't been back to Ann Arbor in awhile so naturally we're excited. Spring 2008 GGG heads to Europe for a full month's tour of Scandinavia and Western Europe.

MCB:Finally - GGG will be heading to Denmark for a few shows in May 2008 - How do you think the rececption will be to motorcity music in Denmark and will you eat at Polish Village Cafe or Roma Cafe before jumping on the plane?

AG: I will eat at Polish Village Cafe AND Roma Cafe this weekend. You can't get enough of a good thing :)

Thank Your for the Interview!

MCB: Thanks for your time and have a great show here at The Crofoot!