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Got this the other day from a reader who snapped this shot outside Art Battle 08

Thanks for looking so proud besides our makeshift signage .... you are so much cooler than our sign! haha!

along with the pic was an email that went something like this....

"....unlike most other event focused websites in Detroit, MCB seems to appeal to a very broad range of readers.....the listings are across the board and other than the pure desire to provide promotion of "fun events" it doesn't seem to have an agenda driven by one specific type or style of entertainment plus you guys are not selling anything of yours or your friends to boot - are you for real?"

Well - yes we are missy! For real as a wet dream so uncurl yourself from the fetal position and wipe that suprise off your face! MCB is sending you a suprise pack of PROMO CDs just for putting up with that smart-ass remark. Keep on reading! Thanks!