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-jr-MusicRevue 07/28/10

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Red Fox Run by Twin Tigers from Robert Thomason on Vimeo.

Twin Tigers label/pr company was nice enough to send me a vinyl copy of their newest LP Gray Waves last week. I had listened to the album prior and kind of developed a blase attitude towards it. They are talented and their song construction is well thought out. Upon another listen of the vinyl last night, it dawned on me: they sound like/remind me of every other band I a blase about. Gray Waves is a conglomeration of Coldplay, Muse, Mew, Oasis, Elbow, and Lo Fidelity Allstars. When listening, each time I pegged a moment of a song with "that sounds like ...." it was followed by an eyeroll. Aside from that gripe, their is a limited brilliance that shines through with the album's title track. It is a slow softly song ballad with haunting distorted guitar in the background. It just keeps building and building, and then when the song pinnacles, all is lost. That's just one aficionado's take on it. Twin Tigers are doing alright for themselves as they are opening for 3/4 of Interpol at Clutch Cargo's on August 11th. Check them out and make your own determinations.

If you would like something revued by the legendary -jr, feel free to mail hard-copies to 11859 Sycamore, Plymouth, Mi. 48170....and I am partial to vinyl.

-jr is a musician/dj/blogger/writer from Detroit, MI. He performs in the bands The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre and Sheefy Mcfly & The Delorean. He also writes a cultural blog covering the ins and outs of the Detroit Music Scence as well as pop culture. When Dj'ing he uses the handle DJ JCM. He has been an integral part of the Detroit Music mechanation for the past 10 years. He knows just about everything about music on both a local and national level. His opinon is gold and is infallible. This is what's been in my ear lately.