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FREE TICKETS: STARS - Majestic Theatre Detroit - Sat Oct 9th

Want to check out STARS on the MCB??
We scored a pair of passes to offer up to the 1st emailer with a full name

STARS will be performing their live show at The Majestic Theatre
on Saturday, October 9th in Detroit

The band has been touring incessantly in celebration of the release of their fifth full-length album, The Five Ghosts, in June. They have sold out shows in major cities like New York and Los Angeles over the years, making new friends and fans with their beautiful and intricate melodies, love-and-death-obsessed lyrics, and powerful male-female vocal interplay. Better still, fans old and new alike are singing along at these shows, evidence of the devoted fan base that stretches across borders.

Not only has the band’s newest album and tour been a success, but they’ve been blessed with the greatest news of all! Singer Amy Millan recently found out she is pregnant, and expecting to give birth to a healthy baby this upcoming March. With so many themes regarding death and the afterlife littered throughout The Five Ghosts, it’s fitting that Amy and the band will have this opportunity to celebrate new life.
Get to this show!!