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Concert Review: The Smiths United, Fur and Telecollision Magic Bag July 15

I've been anticipating a lot of shows this summer, but this show was one that I had at the top of my list. It's not everyday you get the chance to hear the Smiths United at a bigger setting with a huge crowd of Smiths fans loving and dancing to every minute of it. So, when the show actually happened Friday night, I'm happy to report that in addition to a tremendous set by The Smiths United there were a few other surprises in store for me.

Unfortunately, I arrived at the show a bit late because Telecollision were already close to wrapping up what must have been an incredible set. The lead singer, Nicole, with impressive vocals was backed by a blaze of shoegaze rock that I kicked myself more than once over not having left my house sooner. The good news is they have an ep out, "Bubbles" that is going to get lots of play on my iPod. I was also able to get this video of the last track that shows their amazing musicianship, but lacks Nicole's wonderful singing.

Fur was next and is a band I've been meaning to go out and see for sometime now. They have a dark retro post punk sound that adds their own modern touch to it that may put them in a similar set of bands like White Lies, Editors and others but Fur manage to have their own identity being backed by a strong lead and songs that are a bit edgier and darker than any dance song has a right to. I'll definitely be checking out more of their upcoming shows. Here's a video of them I took that came from in the middle of their set.

Some might call me a Smiths United groupie because I've been to been to most their shows and up front dancing ecstatically while they play. But, give me some leeway, because the Smiths were my favorite band since I was a teen and I never got the chance to see them live so seeing the Smiths United is the closest I'll get. However, the real deal is, the Smiths United are probably better to see live than any Smiths gig because they play some tracks the Smiths wouldn't touch live like "Reel Around the Fountain" and they throw in all the best Morrissey solo tracks.
This was a special night for the band as this was their largest show yet and they played it with a certain ferocity and polish that comes from their devotion to getting the Smiths sound with their own added touch just right. They played around 20 songs, including an encore of "Barbarism Begins At Home" with an extended ending of each of them leaving the stage individually and the crowd with sore feet from dancing the last hour and a half. Here's a video from the night of the Smiths United performing "This Charming Man." I have 4 other tunes from the night you can watch on my YouTube channel.

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