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"The Case of the Secret Identity Crisis" Murder Mystery - Monkey Rampant Theatre - Sat

"The Case of the Secret Identity Crisis"
"That's right, folks: it's a murder mystery comedy farce called "The Case of the Secret Identity Crisis," and right off the bat, we kill somebody! Isn't death funny? It is when it's not yours!

The evening begins with refreshments at 6:30 pm and our show goes up at 7:30. Afterward, you are welcome to meet the cast and talk to us about the play (or anything really) until 9 pm, when we kick everybody out.

This event is FREE!!! But you do have to register in advance to come. You can do that at Recommended age is 18 and up, but this show is very (nearly) clean, so kids are cool. Little kids may not enjoy it though as a lot of it will go over their heads and there is some kind of scary stuff, too.

If you like mysteries, or comedies or farm animals (kidding), you are gonna Love this show! You don't want to miss it! "