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Good Girls Being Bad: A Zebra Experiment

Good Girls Being Bad

The MCB “Bad Girls” met up at the Garden Bowl to say haaay to Kirk and Shane before we booked down to see Prodigy. They were fucking killer and the mosh pit was cool too. Until some douche bag thought he would push RebeccaMich into the pit. Um yeah I made sure he apologized before kicking his ass out. Rebecca had on some killer green tights and fishnets and I had a Zebra body suit on. We had a picture but it’s so hot you’d Jizz in your pants. The crowd went wild for Smack My Bitch Up and while RebeccaMich cried, Maxim Realty called me out for being a Zebra (he loves a Zebra and the Zebra loves him). After the show we met up with them and got their autographs before heading home for a quick 3-hour nap before driving to Toronto.

So after a half hour of trying to find the bridge we drove through the Iowa of Canada (which uses dead animal fertilizer if you ask us). After our two-hour hard-core rapathon and a great Karaoke cover of Fuck the Police we noticed the police. They were following us and we out ran those bitches. I mean come on they are Canadian how hard can that be. Really how is someone supposed to drive 80 kay em slash h? That’s like 40. On an expressway? And is Tim Horton’s kidding with that one ply napkin fake toilet paper? And why don’t you take Visa? And if Canada isn’t the 51st State why does all of Canada take US currency?

After getting into Toronto we met up with Sean, Michelle and Napoleon (Thanks so much). Who took us down to see a city wide Contact Photography Exhibit. I was very impressed with the work of Louis Helbig and the Alberta Tar Sands. Sean then took us over to GalleryDK where there were some fantastic shots of Detroit. Being passionate about the city it turned into a lively discussion fast. Sunday we did what we like best and did some Explornation in a few abandoned buildings (nope not telling) and then headed home.

We almost didn’t make it through the border crossing. I started to freak out, not because of the Cuban Cigars in the trunk but because my Passport was expired. Somehow we charmed out way back in. We were so excited to get back in the US of A and drive 80 on the express way when quickly got cut off by some Eastside douche that then gave us the finger. Warning NEVER DO THIS as we will FUCKIN GIVER’!!!! And we did. A couple of well chucked apples set them straight.

Monday we took care of very important business we ate, joined a gym, and bought a kiddie pool and a VCR, soon we hope to have the Living Room Channel (Photos to follow). We also had a zebra sighting……

Tuesday’s are always the hottest Club Night in Tokyo and at dinner Blon D Troit and I were talking about people who try to hang. Blon D made a killer comment of “You don’t have to keep up, just show up.” Here here! Words of wisdom for you out there who want to run with our gang. We had to reschedule our Wednesday in Windsor because Shane chickened out (back of the line Shane). Oh and I got mucho action this week with a kiss from the lunch lady and a firm handshake. KILLER!!!!

Look out for next weeks column were we will give you update on my travels up North, RebeccaMich’s attending a Fish Themed Party and NINJA! Oh and we can’t forget the Australian Ginger Dick with the Thunder from Down Under!

~ Your Pal Omar

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