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J-ROCK INVADED DETROIT ON 9/27 BY Sue Static, photos by Peter Schorn

The Japanese all-girl power trio THE AKABANE VULGARS ON STRONG BYPASS invaded Detroit on Thursday, September 27 at The Corktown Tavern. Special guests, WHITE SHAG and THE LUCKOUTS opened the night with their high-powered rock n' roll!

The Luckouts kicked off the night off with their Detroit rock n' roll style and attitude. The band of high-caliber rockers - who can also be found tearing it up in other prominent local acts - have been infiltrating the scene for the past few years now with their punk rock sound. The Luckouts have been in the studio recording their debut release which is due out soon.

White Shag, who just released their debut 4-song EP earlier this month, showed once again that they are a band to watch! Coming on strong, this trio kicked ass with their version of the MC5 anthem, "Kick Out the Jam's." Led by the powerhouse vocals of Laura Mendoza, they show they are becoming a force to be reckoned with.

The main act of the night was the oddly named The Akabane Vulgars on Strong Bypass.

The band is a mix of punk, garage and rockin' blues. These three ladies produced a powerful sound accented by hard-edged vocals that were completely opposite from what you'd expect. They definitely put the "rawk" in J-Rock! The small but enthusiastic crowd for a Thursday night, loved it and will hopefully spread the word about this fine band so that next time more people will enjoy their show.

The Akabane Vulgars on Strong Bypass have released their music stateside, their CD "The Rumps Smolder at the Gloom," is now available thru their website and they are on their "Return of the King Zero" U.S. tour through October. This show marked their Detroit debut.

For more info on the bands check out their websites: