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ARTX Detroit at MOCAD

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painting by Bryant Tillman

I really Love openings at MOCAD! This was ARTX Detroit.  MOCAD is great because of it’s set up and it’s location. Aside from the construction on Woodward it’s an accessible place for everyone to go see contemporary art. It’s my favorite place to see art in the city. I also enjoy the type of artwork they are willing to show there. From crazy installations to traditional paintings and sculptures, the space is expansive with variety. Most of the people who work there are really warm and inviting. This exhibition offered a bar and delicious sushi! I food was spectacular. The live entertainment was fun! The talent was evident. There were many artists there that I recognized. Graem and Faina from Popps Packing, Andrew Kreiger, Detroit artist, Chido Johnson, artist and instructor from CCS, Katie Hawley, Detroit artist, just to name a few friends that I was happy to see. Openings at MOCAD are very social but also the artwork is never overshadowed. This show has some really exciting installations.  MOCAD is the type of place that really nurtures contemporary art in Detroit.  If you want to go to an opening and meet other artists working in and around Detroit you’re likely to meet them at a MOCAD opening. Any opening here is worth doing to see and ARTX Detroit is a yearly event with several venues and live entertainment.

by Dawn Cooke

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