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Tonight!!! Celebrate 11 Mexican Artists Making An Impact In The Contemporary Art Movement at Inner State Gallery Detroit



Fifty24MX and 1xRUN Presents Cinco De Mayo Exhibition In Detroit
Celebrating Mexican Artists Making An Impact In Contemporary Art


TONIGHT Inner State Gallery and trendsetting Mexico City gallery Fifty24MX are proud to announce a group exhibition opening May 8th from 7-10pm featuring 11 Mexican artists that are making an impact in the new contemporary art movement. In addition the exhibition will also bring two of Mexico City's most prominent muralists to Detroit for a large scale mural campaign in Southwest Detroit kicking off on May 4th in celebration of Cinco De Mayo.

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Inner State Gallery
1410 Gratiot Avenue
Detroit, Michigan 48207
Map - Directions


Spirit Of Detroit by Saner

"After visiting Mexico City in 2013 we were inspired by the style and creativity coming out of the city and this younger generation of artists. When we returned to Detroit we wanted to find a way to unite Southwest Detroit's community with these artists and felt these murals and exhibition celebrating Cinco de Mayo were a perfect fit," gallery co-founder Jesse Cory said.

Chulel by Smithe

El Triunfo De La Vida by Mariana Villanueva

Indio Nocturnal by Marka27

Estudio 2 by Violeta Hernandez

3D Walnut by Chivo

Arcadia by Jesus Benitez

Burning Skies
by Curiot

Una Pal lg
by Freddy Diaz

Ciler 2 by Ciler

Good & Evil
by Mariana Magdaleno

Working Class Dream
by Apolo Cacho

Though the two organizations have worked together extensively on projects throughout Mexico, this May they will adopt Southwest Detroit as the center point of a mural campaign featuring Detroit artist Freddy Diaz, as well as visiting artists Saner, Jesús Benitez and Marka27 in the heart of Detroit's vibrant Mexican American community. 

Check this week's Mural Progress in South West Detroit

About Fifty24MX:

Fifty24MX is a Mexico-city based gallery dedicated to promoting Young Contemporary Art. They seek to provide unique visual experiences.


About Inner State: Inner State Gallery is Detroit's premier art gallery for established and emerging artists, from Detroit and across the globe.  Located in Eastern Market in Inner State Gallery has exhibited the work of local artists Glenn Barr, Camilo Pardo and Tyree Guyton, as well as international street artists Nychos, Askew, Ben Frost and Meggs. The 10,000 square foot building is home to two exhibition spaces, an artist residency program, a print studio and the gallery's publishing company 1xRUN.


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Roula David

(313) 744-6505



Thinkspace and 1xRUN Present LAX / DTW Exhibition at Inner State Gallery
Featuring Over 75 Artists From The New Contemporary Movement In Detroit

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Opening Saturday, June 6th at Detroit's Inner State Gallery "LAX/DTW" will feature over 80 local and international artists curated by Los Angeles-based gallery Thinkspace. The massive group exhibition serves as introduction to the burgeoning New Contemporary art movement for art lovers in the Midwest, handpicked by one of the scene's most prolific galleries.

"With roots firmly planted in illustration, pop culture, comics, street art and graffiti, put quite simply the New Contemporary Art Movement is art for the people," Thinkspace co-founder Andrew Hosner said.

For the eighth iteration of Thinkspace's traveling group exhibitions, co-owners Andrew and Shawn Hosner hand picked Detroit to showcase one of their most ambitious collections to date. As part of the exhibition the Hosners have also picked two featured artists, Stephanie Buer and Liz Brizzi for their unique hyperreal depictions highlighting Detroit's vast and varied landscapes.

"We are extremely honored to present this amazing group show alongside Thinkspace. We have always admired the way Andrew and his partners have pushed boundaries and constantly strived to elevate each of their artists. Their attention to detail and passion in this community is unparalleled," Inner State Gallery owner Dan Armand said.


Featuring 16×20 inch works from:


Aaron Nagel

Adam Caldwell

Alexis Diaz

Allison Sommers

Amanda Marie

Andy Kehoe

Angry Woebots

Anthony Clarkson

Bec Winnel

Brett Amory

Brian Mashburn

Carl Cashman

Chie Yoshii

Christine Wu

Craig 'Skibs' Barker


Dan-ah Kim

Dave MacDowell

David Cooley

Derek Gores

Derek Hess

Drew Leshko



Erik Jones

Erik Siador

Frank Gonzales

Fumi Nakamura


Glenn Barr

Greg Mike

Henrik Aa. Uldalen


Jacub Gagnon

James Bullough

James Marshall (Dalek)

Jeff Ramirez

Jeremy Hush

Jim Houser

Jolene Lai

Joram Roukes

Joseph Martinez

Kelly VIvanco

Ken Flewellyn

Kevin Peterson


Ki Sung Koh

Kojiro Ankan Takakuwa


Kwon Kyung-yup

Kyle Stewart


Lindsey Carr

Linnea Strid

Luke Chueh

Marco Mazzoni

Mari Inukai

Mary Iverson

Matthew Grabelsky


Michael Ramstead

Michelle Tanguay

Mike Egan

Naoto Hattori


Nick Jaskey



Paul Barnes

Paula Zammit


Peter Adamyan

Rodrigo Luff

Ryan Hewett

Sarah Joncas

Sean Mahan

Sebastian Wahl

Seth Armstrong

Shark Toof


Tony Philippou

Tran Nguyen

Troy Lovegates 


Featured artist Stephanie Buer:
Portland based artist Stephanie Buer explores derelict and abandoned urban spaces in her meticulously detailed oil paintings and charcoal drawings. Looking to the barren architectural vestiges of industry, Buer explores the life of marginalized structures once they're divested of function and condemned to vacancy and neglect. Buer is fascinated by the living histories of absence, and by the poetic solitude of remnants; these buildings, once brimming with purpose and commercial enterprise remain untenanted reminders of human desertion and waste.
Stephanie Buer's work is inspired by an untiring search for the spectral half lives of desolate spaces. Ever in search of dissonant juxtapositions and interesting details, Buer captures the poetry of imperfection in the graffiti marred walls of abandoned factories, and in the permanent vacancy of old buildings overgrown and dispossessed by the progress of nature. Initially, Buer began her search for these urban ruins and relics in the abandoned industrial recesses of Detroit. From these early urban explorations sprang an interest in the stories of structures, and in the spatial poetry of architectural remains. Her works are very much about the process of looking, of excavating beauty and value from inglorious castoffs and flawed fragments. Critically, her work encourages the viewer to consider the larger significance of a culture that pursues indiscriminate and unsustainable development; the abandoned buildings themselves endemic of the progress that once necessitated their development. Buer reminds us that things continue to live, even once they have been discarded.


Featured artist Liz Brizzi:

Los Angeles based, French born, artist Liz Brizzi's mixed media collage paintings combine photography, paper and acrylic washes of paint on board to build complex and layered graphic works that capture the architectural specters of the urban core.
Brizzi is an artist adrift and in search of the mutable lives of structures. Through her travels, Brizzi has sought to capture the cultural specificity of her subjects, looking to the ways in which architecture speaks of its city's past and present. A central component of her practice involves the undertaking of urban "safaris" on which she seeks and arrests the absentia of industrial relics and buildings through photography. Her work can be defined as architectural portraiture, seeking the evasive identities of these receding and often forgotten edifices. Whether in a decrepit neon sign, a vacant alley way or a gutted building, Brizzi excavates the lives of partial vestiges. In the absence of human subjects, the works focus on these architectures and environments as living entities subject to the ravages of time and neglect.
Brizzi's gritty and colorful works are ambient, and capture the moodiness of these urban hauntings with impressionistic license. At once graphic and painterly, the works are often composites of fractured moments and vistas. Architectonically devised compositionally, the panels are nonetheless as deeply emotive and stirring as they are technically impressive. They feel both holistically bound and fragmentary - a beautifully injured vision of remnants and unknown hollows. An avid traveller with an interest in Japanese philosophy, particularly the tenets of Wabi-Sabi which expound an appreciation of transience and imperfection, Brizzi is a spatial poet in search of ragged edges and haunted fissures.

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Inner State Gallery
1410 Gratiot Ave
Detroit, MI 48207