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Blahblahblah (the exhibition) - Museum of New Art (MONA) - Sat Jan 19th

Blahblahblah (the exhibition)
The Museum of New Art (MONA) is proud to announce the exhibition Blahblahblah, from January 19 through February 22.

Late in the last century, the rise of theory spawned the rise of anti-aestheticism.
Even for cultural theorists discussions concerning aesthetics were often carried out in a critical shorthand that failed to engage with the work of art, much less any notions of aesthetic experience. Any attempt to see the art object as embodying and conveying knowledge in itself quickly faded as an outdated conception.Moving into this new century, the art object has become a distant concern. A work of art no longer applies as the source for one's conviction of its value. An art object is no longer visually distinct from a non-art object.

Instead, its placement in an art space and context has orientated it within an established network of artistic practices, ideas, debates and modes of display otherwise known as the 'artworld'. This leaves art solely as an artworld activity, an institutional activity.

A revived aestheticism encourages the idea that the intrinsic impact of a work of art has the potential to open radically different ways of thinking about identity, politics and culture. If we encourage 'theory' to enter a more reflective phase, we can expect the appearance of a new aestheticism. At a moment that is often termed 'post-theoretical', this is a direct index to which there is a renewed willingness among critics and philosophers to consider the ways in which cultural theory often overlooked key aspects of the object.

Welcome to the 21st Century! Blahblahblah embraces both a new aetheticism and the art object in all its renewed wonder and beauty.

The Museum of New Art is located at 7 North Saginaw, Pontiac.

The opening reception for Blahblahblah will be Saturday, January 19th from 6pm until 9pm. Regular museum hours are: Thursday through Saturday, 12pm to 6pm.

Telephone: 248-210-7560.