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VIDEO INTERVIEW TONIGHT - Air Traffic - St Andrews - Tue May 20th

Yes - another post about Air Traffic - so what! these guys rock out and besides they gave us a bunch of freebies to give out and we want to help promote the show tonight.

MCB's Jeff Nolan and Paul Hitz will be down at The Shelter to interview Air Traffic from the UK and grab some video footage and killer photos from the show.

Photos from Paul Hitz here tomorrow of all 4 bands who played the show

"Paul Hitz's 10 Second Review"

they brought it from the UK, high paced dramatic lyrics rhythms and keyboards surrounded by a strong bass a telecaster and pounding drums.
got their name from practicing next to an airport and the air tower controllers signals would come through their amps
it was their first time to Detroit and they were given a warm WHOOHOO! from the crowd and they were looking forward to coming back again