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MCB-VIDEO: Sugarcoats @ LJ's Lounge Dietroit Jan 2009

MCB was hit up last Saturday about a last minute show from the Sugarcoats
over at our favorite corktown watering hole - LJ's Lounge....
so we made our way over to the show starting at Memphis Smoke in RO -
then over to The New Way Bar to catch Circus Boy
followed up by cruising eastside for Madame XD at Cadieux Cafe
then racing over to corktown
(stopping in for a quick dose of metal night at Lager House)
for Sugarcoats who put on a great show -
after 4 songs we jumped back in the MCB Challenger
and headed back to Ferndale for the end of the Ruiners set at New Way Bar

the quality of this video speaks for itself - we dont care
LJs has terrible lighting and being jammed up next to the speaker doesnt help the sound quality but you'll get the drift - these guys are rock and you will be seeing a lot more from them
Check out the Sugarcoats real soon
these guys really know how to bring it on.

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