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The Night Move Bus has something to say to you!

MCB gets these messages from The Night Move Bus every a sponser of TNM Detroit we here at MCB try to take a ride on it downtown as much as possible
Sometimes the Bus calls us up late at night after it has made all her rounds and wants us to come over and just talk - we keep telling her that we are married with children but she doesnt want to listen to any of that....

Reason #11 to ride the Night Move:

You can take the People Mover for FREE to Taste Pizzabar in Times Square!

Ask your driver for details. Mm, pizza...

What's your favorite reason to Night Move?

TGIF*, Night Movers!

Bus here, signing in.

Happy Friday!Looking for an excuse to ride the Night Move?Take a hint from Matt, our "Year of Free Bus" winner, and ride the Night Move down to the Detroit Roller Derby, to watch those roller girls kill St. Louis at the Masonic.
If you've never gone, now is certainly the time do it. Especially since you won't need a ride -- the Night Move's got you covered.
Get excited. Winter Blast is almost here! It's February 6-8, from 11am to 9pm. Come check out the Night Move booth for bus-shaped cookies, high-fives, and the latest issue of Ambassador magazine. AND enter our karaoke contest to win a FREE night at the MotorCity Casino Hotel, courtesy of Ambassador, MotorCity, and yours truly. Guess what song you'll have to sing to win? If you can't guess it, then we can't be friends. Just kidding, I still like you. While you're Blasting, be sure to check out Bar Blast Friday and Saturday nights from 9pm to 2am. Please note: the Night Move won't be running its regular route those nights in order to provide FREE transportation between stops on the Bar Blast pub crawl.If you haven't booked a spot on this weekend's Taste-full Tours "Culinary Road Trip," aboard the Night Move, then you're out of luck, kiddos. The BBQ and Beer Tour is SOLD OUT. You and your sweetheart should book in advance for the Valentine's Tour on February 14, or you could hit up the Grocery Tour on February 10. Check out Ese's write-up on for info, and then sign up on the Upcoming Tours page of their website. Don't miss out. Seriously.A couple more ins, outs, ups, and downs, per usual:

Looking for more reasons to ride the bus? Go to MotorCityBlog for Detroit's own anti-blog, always up to date on stuff you definitely need to know. And check out After 5 Detroit and Metromix for other fantastic excuses to ride the Night Move.

As always, flash your Night Move ticket to take advantage of this stuff:
$2 off of well drinks at Mosaic on Fridays

No cover at Fifth Avenue, plus Night Move drink specials
20% off your fare in a Michigan Green Cab

And remember: if you work at Moosejaw, Quicken, Google or ePrize, use your coupon code for a discount. Work somewhere else, but want your company to get a discount? Let us know, and we'll work something out.*Remember TGIF from when we were young and innocent? Full House, Boy Meets World and Step by Step all in one night?!

Those were the days...Good talk. See you out there!
Kisses,The Bus

"The Night Move Bus IS DETROIT"
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