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Charlie Hunter – Thursday May 7 @ The Magic Bag

On Thursday night, May 7th, jazz guitarist and phenom Charlie Hunter will once again grace the stage at the Magic Bag in Ferndale. Newcomers to his shows are usually easily identified because they’re the ones looking around the room for the bass player. Hunter’s gimmick (and it’s a pretty cool one) is that he plays custom, seven and eight-string electric guitars, modified with extra bass strings - playing melody and bass rhythm all at the same time. Since his debut in 1993, Hunter has released 17 albums, as well as working with jazz/freak super band Garage A Trois. Combining strong elements of improvisation, funk, and jazz, and accompanied by organ player Erik Deutsch and Tony Mason on drums Hunter’s newest album ‘Baboon Strength’ is one jazz album worth checking out.

As far as the tour goes, it’s unclear as to what kind of band we’ll see on Thursday as Charlie Hunter has played with just a drummer or with horns and a larger band on the current tour. Either way, those there on Thursday are in for a real treat.

Click here to check out Charlie Hunter on the Live Music Archive From that site you can stream past shows.

Charlie Hunter – Thursday May 7, The Magic Bag, Ferndale. Doors @ 8pm.

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