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Downunder Detroit's Tall Kiwi Chicks meet Height with Friends

TALL KIWI CHICK was a winner in one of our contests for free tickets
and of course we chatted it up a bit and met up with her and her crew at the show.
After knocking back a few cold ones we were fast friends and thick as thieves.
Anyway - we thought it would nice to get some insight about good ol dietroit
from someone with a bit different perspective so we created this column

She loves music, men & drinking
"She's Sweet As!"
BY Tall Kiwi Chick
photos/sidekick coolness by Lauretta West

It's been a while Detroit!!

I've missed you!!!

If you've been wondering where i've been, well i had a birthday,

and Lauretta & I decided we'd go live it up in the one place suited to my personality....



We started the week by partying hard in Miami (I was in Miami Bitch!), which was AWESOME! Before we headed over to Orlando to visit Universal & spend my birthday at Disneyworld!! Came back with a great tan, some sunburn.. And no money....

Anyway a few sundays back, April 11, Lauretta & I headed down to The Division Gallery in Eastern Market to see 'Height with Friends'. First of all, i LOVED the venue!! It reminded me of being at a party.. small, cozy, yet funky.

Plus it was like being inside someone's house.

The owner's dog 'Zeus' ran around all night and had everyone trying to get his included!

Plus the owner guy was very hospitable..

I noticed that 90% of the guys in attendance tonight, had beards...

What's up with that? Was it a coincidence or is there a beard epidemic going on?


Opening was 'Nuclear Power Pants' who had Black Lights Shining & were dressed in fluorescent colors which made for an interesting show!! I do feel that if I had consumed more than just alcohol....I would've gotten a different show all together!!


Height with friends came out afterwards, and for 3 white guys who don't ooze hip hop in any way in person, put on quite a show!! As i watched them, my mind filled up with more questions i'd wished i'd asked them before the show. I saw them in a new light!!

Before the show we got the chance to have a quick interview, 'Height with friends' this night consisted of Dan, Gavin & Rob.

Height (Dan) started in 2000 and over time it's evolved to Height with Friends, which has a revolving cast. They're most excited musically about releasing their new album 'Bed of Seeds' which is out May 1st. Dan said that this was the first album that everyone playing on it has contributed evenly. They're really excited!! He also mentioned the album had a different sound and approach, with more melodies and harmonies. They had a new music video which was due out around now, so check their website and see if it's released yet. Rob is also a member of 'Nuclear Power Pants', and the tour with NPP naturally came together since they've been friends for a long time.

Final Question was 'Who would you go gay for?'

Gavin - Brawny Paper Towel Guy

Rob - I would go gay for Gavin (boom chika wah wah)

Dan - A while ago I realized that my friend Colin (who sometimes plays with Height with Friends) was a very attractive man. So i'm going to choose him.

Check out this awesome set of photos from the show by MCB's RaizK

Next up, I'll be writing up my interview with New Zealand's own 'Gin Wigmore'!!!!