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Rock Lottery at The Magic Stick Detroit - April 21st

and check the band mix tape below

Another awesome event at The Majestic Complex

Wednesday, April 21st - The Magic Stick
8pm / $10 / 18+

Once again the Magic Stick will be hosting a Rock Lottery to benefit The Greening of Detroit. Sixty band members have been personally invited and randomly organized into 15 groups. Each group will have one week to learn one cover song and one original.

On April 21st, the groups will perform on two stages in the Magic Stick.

The concept of the rock lottery originated in Denton, Texas

but has become an annual event at several venues nationally.

2nd Annual Rock Lottery Band List

Band 1:
Chris Campbell (Terrible Twos, Johnny Ill Band)
Carlos Ruiz (Replicas, Spick Of It All)
Mary Ramirez (Detroit Cobras)
Teddy Stavridis (Kommie Kilpatrick)

Band 2:
Zak Freiling (Kommie Kilpatrick)
Leann Banks (Von Bondies)
Joey Mazzola (Detroit Cobras, The Sugarcoats)
Eddie Baranek (The Sights)

Band 3:
Kevin Hickner (Snakewing)
Brad Hales (Ubu, Human Eye)
Dan Clark (Old Empire)
Sean Nader (This Is This)

Band 4:
Alex Chisholm
Brandon White (Four Hour Friends)
Alia Allen (Mirror Twin, Infinity People)
Kelly Jean Caldwell (Kelly Jean Caldwell)

Band 5:
Fast Eddie (Clone Defects, Valentinos, Alex White Band)
Daniel Gillies (Chapstick)
Jeffrey William Thomas (Gardens, Genders)
Dave Graw (Isosceles Mountain, Ex- Bang Bang)

Band 6:
Colin Simon (Frustrations, Timmy’s Organism)
Gina Rodriguez (Detroit Cobras)
Vincent Mazzola (Gardens)
Shelby April Murphy

Band 7:
Julian Spradlin (Gardens)
Dave Malosh (Electric Six)
Craig Brown (Terrible Twos, The Mahonies, Brownstown Gals)
Sarah Vaughn (Legendary Creatures)

Band 8:
Jeff Perry (Terrible Twos)
Bryan Brozoski (Solar Temple Cult, Bad Faces Clan)
Nick Cicchetti (Millions Of Brazilians)
Andrew Beer (Noman)

Band 9:
Billy West (Pop-A-Wheelie)
Matt Lannoo (Nice Device)
Bill Kozy (Speedball)
Tony Vegas (Grand Nationals)

Band 10:
Todd McNulty (The Sugarcoats, Lee Marvin Computer Arm)
Larry Williams (Tyvek)
George Morris (The Satin Peaches)
Randy Chabot (Deastro)

Band 11:
Dan Kanka (Old Empire)
Ryan Felton (Louder Than Bombs)
Erik Maluchnik (Shadiamond Le Freedom)
Stevie Michael (Grand Nationals)

Band 12:
James Baljo (Ex-Human Eye, James Baljo)
Nick Jones (Wildcatting)
Gabe Dodson (Old Empire)
Loretta Lucas (Sisters Lucas, Mirror Twin)

Band 13:
Ben Moore (Shadiamond Le Freedom)
Dale Wilson (Four Hour Friends, Octopus)
Dave Vaughn (Octopus)
Marcie Bolen (Silverghost, F*ke Blood)

Band 14:
Shane O’Keefe (Noman)
Steve Nawara (Conspiracy Of Owls)
Gordon Smith (The Sights)
Sean Whaley (Dark City, Dark Ass Bats)

Band 15:
Justin Walker (Electric Fire Babies)
Jake Culkowski (Conspiracy Of Owls)
Mike Munerantz (Four Hour Friends)
Virginia Benson (Breakdowns)