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Ok, so I have this new obsession with a new cookie. -Oh but not just any cookie...a MITTEN COOKIE. This little handful of deliciousness actually comes all the way out from you guys in Michigan! In fact, this comes all the way from the rock 'n' roll kitchen of MCB's very own contributor, Moneypenny. I do I do I do LOVE Miss Moneypenny, even more after finally getting to taste one of her splendid creations I always hear about.

 She shipped a dozen to my home in Los Angeles and they arrived in a cute little box with a cute sticker, and each cookie individually wrapped and sealed. They hold their freshness really well (they were still soft, even through the mail!) and you can even store them in the freezer to preserve them. They're made with all 100% REAL food, REAL ingredients (including love, and it says so on the wrapper), and ZERO gross preservative crap. If you like peanut butter cookies, you'll love the small hint of peanut butter you can taste evenly in every bite. These are intended to be enjoyed as a breakfast cookie given its ingredients, but they taste absolutely spectacular anytime of the day. -And yes, don't forget the ice cold milk of your choice. These go great with soy milk.

Being the photo nerd that I am, I took a few shots of these tasty morsels. They look just as good as they taste.


I can't wait to order more! To make an order for your dozen, ALL homemade, message Moneypenny @:

Cheers! (I've got ice cold milk in a frosty mug for this one!)