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The Ghost Wolves 9/15 at Garden Bowl

MCB caught up with The Ghost Wolves for a little late-night rockabout at the Garden Bowl on Saturday. Only the moon-howlers stayed up for this one, but we gotcha covered. I also managed to snatch a few gnarly bits from the legendary, one-and-only Winter Wolf. Check it! 
MCB: You guys have been on tour for a while now. What's the biggest challenge for a wolf on the road?

Winter: Awooooo.....the hardest part is keeping the bitches off me

MCB: The Ghost Wolves seem like a family as much as a band, but every pack has it's leader...who wears the pants in the band?

W: I do. Furry white pants that occasionally smell like rotten sharp cheddar cheese. I am the Alpha and everyone knowz it.  

MCB: TGW seem to get compared to The White Stripes a lot for obvious reasons, but anyone who's had a listen knows there's a lot more going on here. Who/what are your inspirations?

W: Ma inspiratinz are free range... Bunny, chicky, lamb, turkey, buffalo... I like meat. Lots and lots of bloody meat. Are The White Stripes a kind of meat? Like a Zebra?  If so I WANNA EAT THEM
MCB: Every journey has drama. Favorite story from the tour???

W: I dont "do" drama, but we opened for Alejandro Escovedo earlier this summer ... I really liked that part of the trip. His music really scratches me behind my ears and makes me wAg my tAil ... Awwooooo

MCB: What's a Ghost Wolf? Are you haunted? 

W: My granddaddy, Ice, is a ghost now.  I am not haunted but occasionally I do scare the crap out of people...sissy cats

MCB: TGW have been to the D more than once. What's your favorite thing about visiting Detroit?

W: The friendly faces, and the dog bakery's are delicious

MCB: What's up next for The Ghost Wolves? Loyal fans want to follow.

W: If I told you ... I'd have to kill you. Or lick you. IM YO MUDDA!


Hopefully he doesn't hunt me down and lick me for letting you know that The Ghost Wolves have a new single out - Getchya Hip Thrust​/​Black Crow Single (featuring BP Fallon) 

Don't be a sissy cat! Catch these guys if you can and getchya hip thrust!