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REVIEW: BROADWAY IN DETROIT- How the Grinch Stole Christmas - the Musical - You'll love it your kids will love it even your parents will have fun!

When I arrived at the Detroit Opera House I was a bit of a Grinch myself and was ready with a cynical grin to watch "Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical."  
The show starts with a much older Max the Dog (played by Bob Lauder) who walks us through the story of the Grinch and narrates throughout the Musical.  Cindy-Lou Who (played by Jenna Iacono)
wins your heart with her stellar performance and an amazing voice.  I was really taken with her stage presence and the strength of her performance.
Her solo Santa for a Day was outstanding and made me want to forgive anyone I had a grudge against. The Grinch's interaction (Stefan Karl) from mocking to shouting "Who asked you" had me and my 70 year old mother caught up in the action shouting back "Merry Christmas" and singing "You're a Mean One" (the lyrics were kindly provided for us).The costumes and stage sets came right out of the book (I loved the Who's belly buttons).
The special effects, set changes and props added that Dr.Seuss dimension that has you feeling that you are actually inside the book. One of the best scenes is when the young Max (played by Seth Bazacas)
catches every gift and stocking tossed at him by the Grinch in a sack.  It was unbelievable that a person, or dog, could do that. The choreography and songs really are non-stop in this Musical. I couldn't believe the show was an hour and a half with no intermission and it really isn't needed.  All the little ones in my area were so entertained, so enthralled by the show they really didn't fidget or talk.

This is not the book, it's not the TV show, it's BETTER!!! My friends and I (aged 70 – 11) spent an evening smiling and laughing with a crowd full of strangers. But we didn't feel like strangers, it felt like Christmas.   It was just what this bah humbugger needed to make my heart grow three sizes. In fact I am still singing "I'm one of a kind" just like this how.  Oh yeah there's even snow and confetti!  See it before it's gone!