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LISTEN TO the new Human Eye 4: Into Unknown out April 30th on Goner

Goner Records To Release HUMAN EYE 4: Into Unknown April 30th, 2013
Direct from Detroit via Outer Space!

The year is 2013AD; people of earth take heed. Timmy Vulgar has graced our squabbling kind by returning the intergalactic, transcendental, critter-swarming, cyber organism that is the twitching Human Eye to terra dwelling humanoids for a fourth revelation. Prepare, peopleoids, as the Human Eye casts its gaze Into Unknown.

Over the course of 4: Into Unknown, the band coaxes the listener along an emotionally bipolar cascade of fuzz which initially entices with mindless twist and jive anthems but ultimately abandons false friends in psychedelic realms whilst remote melodies tickle and torment the cerebellum. Adam Cox engineered the album in his abandoned-school turned studio, "The Gentleman's Club." In many ways, 4 represents a reverent, re-education of Human Eye's style for the familiar listener as it pulls influences from way back; the epochal decades of the 1960s and 70s, when groovin' was the law and the mind a nebulous thing. Full of Sabbathesque sludge-bass, trash incinerating guitars, and blown out organs, these songs will convince any would be aficionado that the throbbing heart of rock-n-roll on life support, Detroit City, can still produce. Everything from jukebox dance singles ("Alligator Dance" / "Gettin Mean"), to existentially unsettling, planetary slow jams ("Surface of Pluto") can be found on this fourth Human Eye release. It even includes Human Eye's hodgepodge interpretation of the epic western rock ballad ("Outlaw Lone Wolf"), in which traditional conventions are slashed to bits then rearranged into a Frankenstein Apache monster who would cut your grandma's scalp, take your sister for his wife, and steal both their rocking chairs. This record leaves no rock unturned, none that is . . . save for the unknown.

This album, Human Eye's first release with Goner, features regulars Timmy Vulgar on guitar and vocals, Johnny LZR on synthesizer, Brad Hales on Bass, and Colin Simon on drums. Additional synthesizer, piano, bongos, and xylophone were provided by Timmy and Adam Cox.  Mystics, ancient astronauts, and other Human Eye zealots can look forward to witnessing of all the maddening multitudes live, as appearances of the band are predicted in hometowns across the United States in the latter half of 2013. So set your radios to interstellar frequency, pick up the album (some of the only hard evidence we have), and do not miss an opportunity to experience Human Eye electro-shock firsthand and be sent reeling beyond our universe, beyond what we can only claim to know. 

1. Gettin' Mean
2. Alligator Dance
3. Samurai Sword
4. Surface of Pluto
5. Buzzin' Flies
6. Juicy Jaw
7. Faces in the Shadows
8. Outlaw Lone Wolf
9. Into Unknown 
More Info by: Todd Killings (Hozac Records / Victim of Time)

It's hard to believe that it's been close to ten years now that Human Eye have been churning the upchuck muck of the underground's last remaining unturned stones into a heady grind of alien bile and motor city lunacy, but it's really been that long and if you're somehow still not converted, you're probably not the adventurous type anyway. Timmy Vulgar and Johnny LZR have been honing their space punk madness from an inanimate blob of throbbing energy as evidenced on their earliest material, into the sophisticated slime that remains today, and whereas their primordial poundings left the "man-from-ape-with-synthesizer" theories thoroughly divided, their most recent material cuts through the dense complications and drives forward a cohesive, mind-splattering array of "what's next in punk," just as they have been doing since their planetary landing back in the mid 2000's. 

With their newest album, Human Eye 4: Into Unknown, the formidable Detroit decimators return with a pack of soft explosions and aural hallucinations destined to coalesce into a solid punch in the brain, cornering their sound into soaring anthemic shards of acid punk's forgotten tangents, melding bug-eyed prog squiggles with heavier-than-thou guitar fuzz, all ceremoniously glazed with Vulgar's inimitable streamlined skronk. Ink-soaked squid and jellyfish guts aside, Human Eye definitely know how to put on a show. But just as you could say that the theatrics are aimed at distracting you from their own guttural punk dimension, the other-worldly songs forged out of broken light bulb pieces and the slime from expired lunchmeat does wonders to the unaffected brain and causes tiny lesions that absorb all the filth and dementia uttered from Vulgar's tortured trachea, and reinforce the fact that Human Eye are undoubtedly one of the cornerstones of unique modern music. 

Goner Records // Memphis, TN