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Petrel @ The Magic Bag (Photos and Review)

Petrel is on the road opening for pop star Aaron Carter. Petrel is a band from New York made up of three sisters who have played music since they were kids. Combining the music styles of rock and pop music the sisters sang their hearts out to the energetic crowd of screaming fans.
 After they got off the stage the sisters and I went next door to the local sushi restaurant to talk more about the tour, music and how their first show went. When asking them about how touring with Aaron Carter was they explained how full of energy he was and just how he is a down to earth guy. What I really wanted to know was about the music. As we talked about music they told me that they all like different things Destiny (Guitar/Vocals) explained how she loved the new music from Paramore's new single "Now". Bekah (Keys/Drums/Vocals) grew up on Gospel, R&B and Soul. Jess (Lead Vocals) likes Jazz but loves Gwen Stefani and BeyoncĂ©. When I asked about the first show they played together they explained how it was in Mexico and how cool it was to see their music go past language barriers and seeing all the kids jumping around they had a great time! After the interview they said that they will be back this summer, keep an eye out for that!