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Show Preview-Interview!!! – Stars, Majestic Theatre, Fri. Mar.22


The five-member Canadian band Stars make brilliant music by mixing beauty with sonic extremes resulting in songs that combine male and female vocals with stirring guitars and keyboards. They are currently on tour with their latest record “The North.” While “The North” may not have quite the visceral impact the “The Five Ghosts” had, it does pack consistently good indie pop songs that continue to show off the strength of Stars songwriting craft.
While touring across the US and Canada, Chris Seligman–keyboardist and french horn player for Stars found some time in his cluttered schedule to answer some questions about their tour, music and promoting via social media.

MCB:  You’re touring during March, but not playing SXSW; was there a reason for skipping this year?
Stars: We haven't played SXSW since we were young lads, I’d say generally it’s a festy for the newer generation of bands, plus we are touring in Canada for most of March. It's a little out of the way for where we are at.
MCB: The single “Backlines” is such a sweet short song, at just over 2 minutes, was there any thought to making it longer?
Stars: I think it crossed my mind once, but it was born that way and we decided to relish its nature
MCB: With your tour you have some places you’re playing 2 nights and doing special set lists each night – what kind of show are you planning for Detroit?
Stars: I think cause we are doing just one show, we will amalgamate the two nights to give the most popping show we can.
MCB: With soundcloud, tumblr, youtube, facebook etc. all being places to expose your music, is this all a welcome chance to be heard or a burden to have to continually post somewhere?
Stars: I'd say at this point it's nice to have these tools to just stay alive as a band.
MCB:  I’m sure some (or all) you were all working day jobs and playing in the band at the same time, what was the signal or breaking point that prompted you to quit your day job and focus solely on making music?
Stars: I'd say it was around the  time we signed with Art-Crafts and had a true support system,   things started to come together for us a bit more, but it was also just the process of slugging it for years,  for a band like us we had to do the work, pay our dues..
MCB: What’s your favorite thing to do with your downtime while touring?
Stars: I like to play a little guitar these days do some writing near a tree, and go for nice dinners.

Stars just released a free ep "You Guys are Awesome". You can catch Stars at Majestic Theatre this Friday with Milo Greene and Said the Whale.

This Post is from Mikel OD of MPAD Media